Or the sir, or naturban


Driving from a hill on sledge

Naturban in a translation from German – a natural line. Unlike traditional luging here compete not in a special ice trench, and on usual mountains-hills. So, in a sense words, all of us with you though time was fans naturban.

The sports variant of our favourite entertainment consists in descent to a special sled on an ice streamer downwards for a while. Thus the sportsman to choose an optimum trajectory of descent and not to take off from a line, by means of a trunk, feet and hands actively operates sledge. The role limiting limits of a line of sides here is carried out by low snow embankments, and on abrupt bends wooden boards are established.

For the inquiry: Naturban, at all cheapness of preparation of a line for it, as well as any professional sports, manage expensively in respect of equipment of the sportsman. In Russia because of backwardness of this kind of sports business becomes complicated also that necessary for the sportsman toboggan, overalls and special footwear simply not to buy. Toboggan for naturban for the first steps can be and simple dural, but professional already should be more low, it is easier and with the special pointed runners (sledge – from 500 to some thousand $, runners – 300-400$).And the last. Say, as descent on a line will cost too money. Creation naturban, probably, good business. But here, similar, to development of these sports in a city it has no relation, after all we do not have today either trainers-sanochnikov, or material resources. But we will not think forward, after all what Russian does not love fast driving?

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