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Command of synchronous skating «Nika»

The command of synchronous skating «Nika» was formed in 1998 at children’s sports youthful school №2 and from now on has had time to achieve such considerable sports results that became one of the strongest competitors to venerable figure skaters from Samara, Kazan, Ekaterinburg and St.-Petersburg.

With 2000 for 2003 the command acted in an age category «novis», and today girls – candidates for the master of sports for categories “juniors”. At «Niki» there is younger sister – a command «Laura» which acts in «novis». O.N.Badjaeva, A.V.Vyatkin’s both commands and choreographer O.E.Shenfeld train.

«Nika» repeatedly became the winner and the prize-winner not only Superiority of Russia, but also prestigious international competitions in Switzerland, Czechia and in France. Since 2004 acted in the World championship in Italy, on World Cups in Czechia. Represented Novouralsk synchronous skating on the Cup of the nations to France three times. In this competitive season of the girl have won on the Cup of Urals Mountains. And here France and on Superiority of Russia in Gubkin have shown results which not absolutely corresponded to expectations of all – 9 and 4 places. In what the reason? Trainers and girls tell about it.

«Our most significant achievements in this season were won by a command of younger age «Laura». At the international competitions in France girls have shown 4th result, and on Superiority of Russia in Gubkin – 5th. In the general offset of the Cup of the nations the Russian national team has occupied 3 place. «Laura», as well as «Nika», goes for a drive on the minimum age borders when the difference between competitors from other commands can make 5-6 years».


Andrey Vladislavovich Vyatkin, the trainerOlga Nikolaevna Badjaeva, the senior trainer-teacher of branch of figure skating on the fads of children’s sports youthful school – 2:


«This season became one of the heaviest for «Nika». The command which was formed from 2000 year and left on peak of the skill, for the objective reasons has undergone very essential changes: the senior generation, having left school, has parted on institutes.

Today in a command there is an alternation of generations which it is difficult to go through and that who remained, and that who has come.

In France girls perfectly went for a drive on the Cup of the nations, have very well experienced an image. Has brought the psychological moment: fear of that not completely trained in a command when the strong is afraid for weak, and weak is under double cargo of responsibility. Not it will sustain everyone, psychological training comes with experience ».

Olga Ernstovna Shenfel, the choreographer


«If to speak about programs of this season our any to France has got to the five of the best. We have tried to approach for the first time driving to dancing art. Before girls there was a challenge – not only to execute all technical elements which are entered from this year without fail, but also to express on ice an image.

Image for any program on a song from a musical “Chicago” in execution Marilin Monroes thought out together. Films of those years looked, got into an image of the beauty of those years, composed suits. Earlier we put pro-grammes in rigid style, under very dynamical music, with an abundance of shock, rigid notes. By the way, the short program, remained in this style.Dasha Volozhanina (10 class, school №41) and Xenia Koshkina (6 class, school №40):


Dasha: «This time in France we acted practically as completely updated structure. From old structure us there was a person six. Since August have started to prepare, train. Besides, that put the new program, the whole season”ran in”newcomers. Hard it was necessary both to us, and it, of course, but results it is available: little girls”have grown”directly on eyes.

The spirit on hire at us was good, went behind prize-winning places. But there is everyone, an annoying error and – a failure. The main thing in that case not to be scattered, that we and have made – have gathered and have spent the program. It is sports, there is everyone».

Ksusha: «And I have just come from a younger command «Laura». Very much wished to get to an adult command, to achieve something bigger. When to us have told, that we will go on the Cup of the nations to France, at us, newcomers, there was simply a shock! We worked much, fulfilled difficult steps, elements, speed.

And in France I liked all! Both competitions, and our performance, and remarkable excursion in the Disneyland. We as though have visited a fairy tale! Necessarily I wish to get there once again».

Dudkin Anja, (10 class, school №41) and Shirokov Eugene (10 class, school №40):

«On Superiority of Russia in Gubkin have arrived hardly got a bit tired and upset after France. But we had a day to gather, feel ice. We at all stages of the Cup of Russia were the first, therefore have been here again adjusted to win. The short program have executed it is ideal, and here on any nearly there were no emotions. The program has been calculated on new system of refereeing which at us to Russia is not entered yet. If in France now scrupulously count up points for each element as in single figure skating in Russia still judge on subjective« it was pleasant – it was not pleasant».


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