Larissa Nadeeva: sports learn to appreciate every minute.

Biathlon in Novouralsk


From the sixteen years nine Larissa Nadeeva is engaged in biathlon. In 14 has protected a rank of the candidate for the master of sports. On a question «That for you sports mean?» Answers, as well as many sportsmen: «It is my life». That, except sports, is in a life of the sportsman, and about many other things we and have talked to Larissa.

– Larissa with what your hobby for sports has begun?

– I in a kindergarten went to different mugs, in gymnastics was engaged. Parents gave me to art school, then we wished to go to section of the big tennis …

– Did not take?

– Yes is not present, we simply have not reached. At us at school the physical culture then was taught by Sergey Aleksandrovich Sotnikov, the trainer on biathlon. He has called to itself in section. It also has solved definitively my sports destiny.

– But you after all did not know this kind of sports why remained?

– It was pleasant. I have come in the autumn, we at first ran, played, together went to campaigns. Then studied on the sly in technics of driving in the winter, much simply walked on skis. At us very good collective and trainers, they develop love to biathlon.

Biathlon rifle gun

In a firing line. A photo from L.Nadeevoj’s personal archive

Larissa, share a secret how your mode of day is organised?

– When I do not leave on gathering or competition, I go to school in the morning. After school I have quickly dinner, then training to 6 o’clock in the evening. I come, I eat and I sit down lessons.

– In how many a release?– Looking how many lessons. While all I will not make.– And how and when you have a rest?

– To time remains a little. But happens, as I walk with friends, I like to chat by phone, sometimes it turns out to look the TV.

Is, I understand, in a “quiet” season, when there is no competitions?

– Yes. When competitions and gathering begin, we seldom happen at home, can, days on ten in a month.

– How you go to school?

– Well.

Sportswoman Larissa Nadeeva

Maria Strizhakovoj’s photo

– How teachers to what you almost always are not present concern?

– At us at school – with understanding. Both the director, and teachers support and help. I after all take constant additional tasks, I carry out them, then I come, I hand over. Certainly, teachers somewhere make concessions. On the other hand, I understand, as I do not have such profound knowledge in subjects as it would be desirable.

It is clear. But where time for performance of additional tasks, for undertakes learning? After all a vacation at the sportsman does not happen!

– I take with myself on gathering textbooks in the basic subjects. Now here mum helps to prepare for final examinations, collects the information on geography. And still, know, I when I come, know, that I have only 10 days, for example, to learn. I to each lesson am going, try to take from it on a maximum. By the way, sometimes I am surprised, how my schoolmates simply “squander” those possibilities which have.

– Tell, and here such sports, already at high enough level, stirs or helps you on a life?

– Certainly, helps! It concerns both my health, and the future study. I do not wish to think on the future and to say, that I will connect the life with professional sports. But it would be desirable to run about still. And minuses? Well, I already said, that it is impossible to study is high-grade, sometimes it is necessary to refuse to myself in any entertainments, temptations to throw back. Sports learn to be responsible and disciplined. When each minute is appreciated, be able to distribute time and desires too. You do everything, that from you it is required, up to the end. Well, and if I very much want something, I can and break, certainly (smiles). But then very quickly I gather and I settle into shape.

– Larissa and how parents concern your employment?

– They very much help me, understand, rejoice to my victories and never abuse, if I

I lose. Always praise, support.

– At you an especial food?

– Yes is not present, I in what myself I do not limit. Problems with weight are not present, therefore I eat all. In biathlon it is necessary to be strong and strong. I love all sweet. At competitions I eat a large quantity of chocolates.

– Give we will talk actually about biathlon. Of what you think, when you come on the next shooting?

It is very difficult: to gather emotionally. It is not necessary to think, that here I will now be adjusted also all I will get. The main thing – to gather and make all how on training.

– And if a miss?

– You are angry with yourself and you think, that on a following boundary you will not commit this error.

– It would not be desirable to spit upon all and to descend from a ski track?

– No, I cannot allow myself of it, any sportsman cannot. Never. The same as I can not pass training.

– What the most difficult in sports?

– When it is heavy and it is necessary to endure.

Shooting from a rifle

So all began 9 years ago. Fhoto Sergey Aleksandrovich.

Sometimes happens such on a difficult distance – you run and you think: «Now I will reach finish and all I will throw». And when you finish, such happiness! And all settles into shape.

– And what the most pleasant?– A victory.– You remember the first victory? 

– Yes, certainly. It was my very first medal for a victory in competitions on a prize Seigniorial which traditionally pass in our city in April. When to me have told, that will give a medal, I have thought, that the chocolate. Then I even could not imagine, that it so is serious, really.

– Today at you already a collection of medals. Tell about last successes.

– On selection on the third winter Games on district at me were 2, 4 and 7 places. In the Games ending – 11 and 16 places. At the All-Russia competitions on prize Chepikova – 1 and 2 places. On superiority of Russia – 2 place.

– How many it is necessary to train to achieve such results?

– Trainings five times a week, for 1,5-2 hours. On the average I run on 16-18 km for training. When on gathering, before competitions, on two trainings – in the morning and in the afternoon.

– Larissa, all these years together with you were the same trainers – Galina Vasilevna and Sergey Aleksandrovich Sotnikovy.

– Yes, they it is not so simple trainers for me, and as parents: loving, attentive, careful. At us very human relations in section, with all and to all. Galina Vasilevna and Sergey Aleksandrovich have much enclosed in me. When there were serious problems with health, thanking it I was not has left sports, and health only has improved.

– What you, how already skilled sportsman, the professional as a matter of fact, will advise to beginning biathlonists?

– To train, not to be lazy. The main thing – not to pass training. To Have patience, go to results gradually. To overcome all the I do not want and I can not, when it is very heavy – to endure.

The master on manufacturing of skis

Sergej Aleksandrovich i Galina Vasil’evna Sotnikovy.

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