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Lubov Kabakova - the sportswoman-bicyclist

On a Photo: Luba Kabanova 

Luba Kabakova – an asterisk Novouralsk conducted-cross-country race, here already throughout five years enters into ten the best racers of the country. In Sverdlovsk area from 4 representatives of this kind of sports – the first. In a collection of its last achievements – 4 place in Games of youth of Russia (2006), 5 place in II and 7 place in III summer Games of pupils of Russia. Luba – the person purposeful. By sight the fragile girl possesses the present man’s character: fighting, obstinate, fearless and… slightly the lazy. And in conversation – very smiling, open and cheerful little girl.

– Luba with what your hobby VMH has begun?

– I have come to motor-school in 11 years, at first was engaged VMH a little, but it then has not been developed completely not. In 12 years for the first time villages on a motorcycle which was much more me most, and has simply fallen in love with it. I then went to section every day, vanished there late. All could not leave a motorcycle in any way.

– How parents have concerned your hobby?

– O! Mum was at once against. I before cross-country race was engaged in a kickboxing and a judo. Mum in general wished me to give to karate, at me since the childhood fighting character, very much I love an extreme. And to me in struggle it was boring. Therefore the first month I went to motor-school secretly from mum. Well, and when it was necessary to fill the questionnaire for the parents, two hours roared – persuaded mum.

– Apparently, it has turned out …

– Mum knows my character, I always achieve the.

– That most of all it is pleasant in conducted-cross-country race?

– I very much love speed, movement. I can not live without an extreme.

Woman cross country race

– And the feeling of fear does not visit you?

– For the first time terribly happens all. But then the fear is overcome. And who cannot – leaves.

– How it has turned out, what after a motorcycle you have changed on a bicycle?

Is it has been connected by that the cross-country race school was closed, and at station of young technicians have created branch VMH. Once in the morning I have come on training, and to me declared, that my Swallow (motorcycle) is not present, the club is closed. Then I had shock, and then such rage, that very much it would be desirable to throw section. Half a year simply every day roared.

– But nevertheless section is not has left?

– Yes. Thanks to a word it “is necessary” also to Oleg Aleksandrovichu Mitjuninu. It very good trainer, a lot of time gives to sports. But on a motorcycle I miss till now.

– The bicycle too has a name?

– Yes, it at me too the Swallow. And I have chosen number 239. At a motorcycle was 39, and at a bicycle – 239, the second Swallow.

– What relations at you with a bicycle?

– At competitions it is started with words: «Have gone, Харочка!» (Firm HARO bicycle). She at my place lives, I its mine with shampoo, itself eliminate small breakages.

– Luba, and except a bicycle you have hobbies?

– I like to draw. I like to put things in order, when anybody is not present the house. Now in parallel with study in НПУ I am engaged on courses of programmers. But the computer is not too interesting to me, fairly to tell.

– Of what you dream?

– I dream to jump with a parachute, but very much I am afraid.

– Luba, and than sports help you with a life?

– It learns not to be afraid, develops force, endurance. Helps to realise itself, to achieve results.

– And how your mode is under construction?

– Now I go to section under the free schedule, but all the same more than two days I can not sustain without a bicycle. And in general, I can train to distraction and if I do not want – I lay and I look in a ceiling, I do nothing. It also is my mode, on another at me it will not turn out.

– Tell, and in the future of children you will lead in sports section?

– Necessarily. The son first of all I will lead in cross-country race. And if it is not pleasant to it, let itself will choose. But that the child will go in for sports – necessarily. And I will try to provide its with all necessary. What at me was not in due time.

– Luba, you will give what council to beginners fans of this kind of sports?

– If you wish to achieve results – it is necessary to be engaged seriously, not to be lazy. I here, for example, very lazy. It sometimes prevents to take higher places.

Command conducted-motor-cross-country

Command conducted-motor-cross-country

Vladimir Maslov’s photos.

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