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Sports and school – whether it is possible to combine study and the beginning of professional sports career?

Your child vanishes in a sports hall? Passes lessons, preparing to competitions? Whether it is possible to combine study and the beginning of professional sports career? It is possible. We bring to your attention small special research.

To be in time all

sports girl

Antonina Aksutina

In what only sports kinds pupils in a city grammar school are not engaged: tennis, football, skating and mountain skiing, swimming, volleyball… On interview has come more than 20 persons, the majority from which have youthful, and even the adult sports category and are winners of competitions of different level. Serezha Abakumov studies in 6th class, the champion of a city on sports orientation in the age group; Sergey Terekhin – the candidate for the master of sports on swimming, at Cyril Lyalin – 2nd adult category on basketball, Alina Kirsanov is engaged in biathlon, the champion of a city on cross-countries; Tonja Aks’utina leaves school, most likely, with a gold medal and simultaneously with study seriously is engaged in mountain skiing … By the way, any of them cannot tell with full confidence, that after school will continue sports career. « Among these children poor is not present, – the trainer of school Valery Pavlovich Shelpjakov speaks, – all of them not only well study, but also visit tutors and facultative employment. They are able to construct correctly the mode of day and to define a priority at present ».

«And to take a walk? On a disco to descend?» – «everything, – speak, – had time». «I have already got used to sleep for 6 hours», – mountain skier Tonja Aksjutina speaks.

Shortage of time – the basic problem of the occupied people. «Children appreciate every minute», – apologising Valery Pavlovich when to us in an office during interview those who waits for the turn every minute try to break speaks.

You are not in time at school – sit at home

beautiful sports girls

Nast’a Abramova and Julja Babushkina  (Children’s sports youthful school № 4) – winners of Superiority of Russia on track and field athletics among comprehensive schools.

«At us today training from four o’clock behind a skiing lodge», – appoints to me time the trainer of athletes of children’s youthful sports school № 4 Vladimir Alekseevich Semkin. And weather just, softly to tell, not absolutely successful for training: the wet snowfall has suddenly fallen upon a city. «And children will come?» – with doubt I ask. «All will come», – Vladimir Alekseevich has assured me. And it is valid, send all. Have gone home, only when have through got wet. Trainings at athletes every day, without days off and a vacation – discipline for young sportsmen above all. Basically in section pupils of school № 40 are engaged. I catch the nice girl – Polinu Zobninu: «And happens so, what you get tired, what forces to run and jump are not present, and in general it would be desirable nothing?” – “Happens, certainly”. “Also what you do?” – “we go on training». Polina finishes 11th class of school № 40 and gathers in the Ural polytechnical institute for sports faculty. «And you study well?» – I am not appeased. – «It is final. Otherwise not to arrive».

The school sports hall № 40 on which base the group of athletes of children’s youthful sports school is engaged, at 5 o’clock in the evening hoots, as a beehive. Children after lessons have dinner and – here. Do lessons in the evening. All is exact on hours, as in a drugstore. Poor if appear, are very quickly corrected – Vladimir Alekseevicha has on this case two ways. The first: interrupt training and arrange «analysis of flights», the second not less effective – take on competitions. «Represent, that they lose: we leave all company, without parents, and they remain, – Vladimir Alekseevich speaks. – Progress sharply increases at once».

Heroic children

Dance hall. A parquet and mirror walls. An ideal place for young and vigorous. Trainer Evgenie Viktorovich Ivanov conducts individual employment. Masha Kyshtymova and Anton Sokolov flit on a hall so, that a sight not to take away. «Anton studies in the eleventh class, goes on a gold medal, and Masha itself trains small», – Evgenie Viktorovich informs me. At its dancers two trainings in day are frequent at once. That is at first the pair is engaged individually, and then – with group. Having fulfilled the individual program and having had a rest 10 minutes, Masha and Anton again «rise in a system» together with all.

ballroom dances

Anton Sokolov and Mari’a Kyshtymova

«Who studies on Saturday?» – Evgenie Viktorovich asks. Half of group lift hands. «At school it is necessary to remove you from lessons on training (dancers prepare for the big tournament in a kontsertno-sports complex). «Yes, children, happens, pass lessons, parents help them to do homeworks, but poor are not present» , – Evgenie Viktorovich who is engaged with children, on expression of one of them, «in the morning, in the afternoon, in the evening and if it is necessary, at night» speaks.

I ask Evgenie Viktorovicha to tell about the pupils:

– Here Katya Popova. The heroic girl: the partner for two years is more senior, therefore she is compelled to dance more difficult program. Well studies, draws, writes verses.

– Lera Majkovsky – 5-6 times a week every day go here on training from Nizhni Tagil.

– Anton, as though between times, became the winner of the regional Olympic Games in biology…

Comments, as they say, are unnecessary…

Valery Kornilova, a photo of the author



Fig. Maria Rusinova


On a question on what role plays sports in a life of succeeding people, answer:

Dmitry Antropov, the director of company “A&B“:

«The person has a sight body, an ear, and is – overcoming body. And he needs to be trained. For this purpose playing sports perfectly approaches. When the person will manage to force itself to be engaged regularly, instead of off and on, there is a pride of and, the most important thing, a habit. Thus, when you meet difficulties, the overcoming mechanism joins by itself. Certainly, it is necessary to refuse something, to something to reconcile. But what will be result!»

Rashid Juldashev, the chief of department of a mode and protection UEIP:

«Sports – an integral part of my life. Played football for a city national team earlier, was engaged in tennis. Now I float and I go to an exercise room. 20 years. Sports help to be in shape: in norm and weight, and health».

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