Your questions are answered with the sports doctorru of children’s sports youthful school № 3 Natalia Leonidovna Demakova.


Sports doctor Natalia Leonidovna Demakova

How it is possible to prevent a trauma on training? Advise, what ointment or a cream can be used at bruises and distentions.

The trauma is a damage with infringement of integrity of the fabrics, invoked by any choronomic influence. For a sports traumatism prevalence of the occluded damages is characteristic: bruises, distentions, anguishes, breakages.

The causes of occurrence of traumas in sports the following:

– Insufficient physical readiness of the sportsman;

– The forced training;

– Bad warm-up;

– Irregular behaviour engaged (haste, a carelessness);

– overtrain, leading to a hypotaxia of movements;

– Non-observance of terms of the admission to employment after the tolerated traumas and diseases;

– Defective material base (unprepared shells, a sports coating, stock).

Bruise is the damage of fabrics accompanied by a breakage of superficial capillars. Thus the soft fabrics touching subject bone especially suffer. At bruises muscles, periosteum, joints, nerves are damaged. More often sportsmen have a distention of muscles when there is a particulate breakage of muscular fibres near to muscle transition in a tendon.

Rendering assistance principle at traumas:

1. Rest: to stop performance of movements with the subsequent immobilization. Fixation a damaged segment.

2. A cold (massage by ice, variable applications with ice).

For reduction of a pain, removal of a hypertone of muscles, liquidations of a hypostasis, microblood circulation normalisation use following интерферентные (not warming up) ointments: Fleksengel, Fastumgel, Butadion, Indovazin, }ssavingel’, Troksevazin, Venoruton.

If within 3 days pain sensations have not passed, and furthermore have strengthened, it is necessary to address to the doctor for the decision of questions of diagnostics and appointment of the subsequent treatment.

Renewal of trainings after not complicated traumas – since 4-5th day at obligatory (!) tejpirovanii a damaged field. Carrying time tejpa (a protective tape) fluctuates from 7 till 30 days. In addition treatment can be appointed: electrophoresis with mummy, phonophoresis with ointments (Mobilat, Artrosepen), etc.

Traumatism preventive maintenance includes:

– High-grade warm-up;

– Observance of sanitary-and-hygienic requirements to a premise for trainings (temperature, illumination, adjustment of sports stock);

– A system of employment and a satisfactory state of health, readiness of the sportsman;

– Harmony of a load;

– The insurance and other methodical receptions, characteristic for certain kinds of sports;

– Massage, self-massage, a bath.


According to the Center of a sports and ballet trauma and rehabilitation of Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation by one of most danger sports kinds the sports gymnastics is considered. It much more advances all other kinds of sports.

High level of a traumatism characterises all contact command kinds of sports. Damages of talocrural and patellar joints, bruises and microtraumas of a column, arms and feet – usual business on football and basketball fields.

Not less danger and various kinds of single combats. The broken ears, noses and jows – here that frequently are received in addition to medals by juvenile fighters and boxers.

As a matter of fact, it is difficult to find such kind of sports where there would be no traumas. Unless chess. Even respectable tennis is fraught with dislocations of a shoulder and such specific illness, as «an elbow of the tennis player».

And on the other hand, still nobody cancelled the law of the brick dropping on a head unexpectedly. Therefore, to avoid traumas, follow two rules:

1. It is less to go in cycles in troubles.

2. To follow recommendations of the sports doctor in our heading “Sports doctor” and “Useful“.

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