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How many once a week should be trainings at the preschool child that there was no overstrain?


The preschool age (3-6 years) is considerable dynamics of indicators of physical and impellent activity of the child. The skeleton quickly grows, the muscular weight increases. At this age often repeating employment of the game maintenance are necessary for the child short on time, but. The exhaustion phenomena on such employment are improbable, for the child not in a condition to resist to feeling of weariness and rejects loading.

In 5-6 years the child should master such kinds of physical exercises which stimulate participation in collective games and competitions to contemporaries. Employment of five-years periods become more long – for 30-35 minutes 2-3 times a week. In 5 years it is necessary to pay special attention on feature of physical development of the child: easing of some links of muscular system and articulate sheaves that can lead to bearing infringement.

In 6 years the child prepares for forthcoming physical and intellectual loadings at school and should develop sufficient endurance and speed. Employment for 35-40 minutes 2-3 times a week. They can include jogs trot (1-1,5 km), long pedestrian campaigns (to 5 km), ski walks (to 3 km), driving on a bicycle (to 10 km).

What vitamins is better will approach the sportsman?

The scheme of medicinal maintenance of the sportsman which includes not only vitamins and minerals, should be all-the-year-round, instead of seasonal and with to reply its level of health and functional readiness.

The basic group of medicines – vitamins which are metabolism regulators, with their help are formed biologically active substances – enzymes. The most widespread recommended vitamin preparations are complexes: undevit, aerovit, komplivit, pentavit, vivaptol, tetravit, makrovit, oligovit, the alphabet-active (al’favit), vitrum, polivit, gendevit, etc. the Only stipulation of reception of the given vitamin complexes in sports is dosage increase (at a constant course not less than 20-24 days) depending on age, a state of health, a skill level and specialisation of the concrete sportsman.

It is important to remember, that except complexes in sports separate vitamins are actively used also:

Ascorbic acid (raises endurance, is magnificent oxidizer, is a part of the nutritious mixes used by sportsmen on distances and trainings in mountains).

Vitamin E (promotes accumulation adenosine triphosphate in muscles in the conditions of oxygen insufficiency – preventive maintenance gipoksii).

В15 (Raises stability of an organism to gipoksii, mastering of oxygen by fabrics, synthesis glucogen at active muscular activity).

В12 (Stimulates process of formation, development and maturing of uniform elements of blood: erythrocytes, leukocytes and platelets at high-speed loadings).

В5 (Strengthens an albuminous exchange at escalating of muscular weight).

В6 (At psychoemotional loadings, during an anabolic phase of training).

Alpha-karnitin (“growth” vitamin, slows down disintegration of albuminous molecules, raises a threshold of stability to physical activities).

Provitamin В1 (lowers level of dairy acid in muscular fabrics and raises glucose mastering).

And others.

Once again I will notice, that at a choice of medical products for the concrete sportsman it is necessary to consult, first of all, with the trainer or the sports doctor.

How to the sportsman to be protected from catarrhal and infectious diseases?

The sportsmen who are in a condition of high active training in pre-and the competitive period are predisposed to development catarrhal and infectious diseases. Frequent moving, high level of a traumatism, change of climatic zones and time zones strengthens a condition of an immunodeficiency at the sportsman. Therefore it is very important to consider preventive actions which should be in a complex in preparation of the sportsman and begin in the summer.

The basic components:

1. Conditioning to the cold which raises barrier properties of a skin and mucous. To start to conditioning to the cold it is possible at any age (at children important to consider course and on system, specific features of a state of health and level of physical development). conditioning to the cold nasopharynxes (throat rinsing, alternating cool and cold water to finish warm – 15 minutes daily), douche of feet, foot baths, circulation barefoot, bathing in open reservoirs.

2. All-the-year-round vitamin therapy. Deficiency of vitamins also causes immunity easing. Especially I wish to allocate reception of the big doses of vitamin C (ascorbic acid to 1 – 1,5 g a day) during the competitive period and during epidemic acute respiratory disease (ARD).

3. Reception immunomodulators (synthetic – dibazol, likopid, levamisole, polioksidopit, timogen; interferons – roferon, real’deron; combined – imudon, ribomunin; an animal origin – taktivin, timalin; phytopreparations – ehinaceja, immunal, etc.). At performance of extremely transferable physical and emotional loadings at the sportsman there comes the phenomenon of full disappearance from blood and biological secrets of normal antibodies, and antibodies. Immunomodulators are the medical products restoring functions of immune system (effective immune protection).

What to do, that faster and more effectively to be restored after illness?

If nevertheless to be saved it was not possible, the basic council – reception of the means appointed the doctor, performance of the regime moments, reception of the big doses of vitamin C – all it considerably will accelerate recover (sportsmen are ill seldom and consequently well give in to treatment).

When it is possible to begin trainings?

The admission to trainings, and especially to competitions – only under condition of full recover. Otherwise at the sportsman working capacity for long time is limited. The first week necessarily should have involving character (pulse – not above 140 blows in a minute). And, certainly, it is necessary to continue reception of vitamins.

It would be desirable to notice once again, that at use of pharmacological means in an all-the-year-round cycle of the sportsman it is necessary to consider an age, sex, a state of health, character of performance of works and level of sports preparation of the sportsman. Therefore it is necessarily necessary to consult to the trainer and the sports doctor.

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