deputy minister on culture and sports

A. Ju. Salov

The deputy minister on physical culture and sports of Sverdlovsk area Andrey Jurevich Salov has visited in March with the next visit Novouralsk. Proannounced in the local newspaper “Neiva” visit has involved on a meeting with the high sports official of representatives of the press, trainers and parents, whose children are engaged in winter kinds of sports. Why?

Yes because development of a short-track and creation of branch of school of an Olympic reserve (SOR) in Novouralsk were the purposes of a trip of A.J.Salova to us as informed the announcement, discussion of possibility of building of a line for натурбана. Biathlonists, skiers, ориентировщики and figure skaters were stirred up – as so, at us a heap of problems with ski lines, a shooting range, shortage of ice, and here – натурбан about which we and to hear did not hear?

As a result the meeting has turned out enough interesting to both parties, therefore we will stop on it more in detail.

The first question – about destiny of sports pavilion.

– The optimal variant would be to take down the big hall which are in an emergency condition, and to remained to three to attach a new premise in which the cultural-improving centre will take places. Financial participation and areas, and federations in this project probably, but on the terms of joint financing with municipality. It is possible to get and to the regional program, but there there is a procedure: there should be a project, its examination and a guarantee of individual share of municipality. Therefore as a matter of fact the decision of this problem is only in the power of city officials.

– How short-track support will be carried out?

– Today in Novouralsk base of a regional short-track. And, one of the best in Russia. It also keeps on one person – trainer A.Elnjakove. Its pupil Katya Belova today «number one» in a Russian national team. Certainly, development of this kind of sports is necessary for supporting. And the area guarantees this support. It is one of problems of branch of school of an Olympic reserve which is planned to open on the basis of school № 53 in Novouralsk.

– Why in “cape Verde” for naturban, when there at us building of a line is planned for today in a pitiable condition a line for biathlon and a shooting range?

– There is a decision of a management of Joint-Stock Company Sanatorium “cape Verde” to create a line for натурбана on that slope where there was a line for tobogganing earlier and where always with pleasure sportsmen-sanochniki from all Soviet Union were engaged. In area at us the similar line is not present, though in branch sliding the sports, recently created in SOR, 6 sportsmen – members of a Russian national team are engaged.

Earlier in area was much tobogganing lines, and “cape Verde” was simply Mecca tobogganers. Today it would be desirable to revive traditions and to make a line not only for trainings, but also for carrying out of competitions of nation-wide level. The question price rather small, acts as the main investor “cape Verde”. It is necessary will not only put boards on a natural slope and to fill in with its ice, but also to construct starting and finishing platforms. Regional structures, from its part, undertake to pay for sportsmen line rent.

– As to a line for biathlon, a problem root – in absence at it one full owner. Today among themselves cannot agree UEIP – the proprietor of the earth under a line and shooting ranges, “cape Verde” – the maintaining organisation and municipality – the proprietor of a line. We are very interested, that this dispute all the same was resolved and at a line for trainings on roller skis and shooting ranges there was one owner. And if we all the same manage to create branch UOR the area could participate in development of material resources for biathlon and in financing of operation of a line.

Answering a question of the head sections VMH (cycling) of O.A.Mitjunina how the area can promote in improvement of material resources of section, Andrey Jurevich has noticed, that in branch UOR is planned to open branches of biathlon, a short-track, cross-countries. Cycling did not sound yet but if such requirement arises, it is necessary for considering. Novouralsk cycling, as well as a short-track, is base for modular area. For now the section concerns education management, to provide it this organisation should.

Question with tears on eyes from parents of figure skaters. Pupils of known trainer Olga Badjaevoj rattle results all over the country and behind its limits, at all thus not having possibility is high-grade to train on artificial ice. Besides, practically means for equipment of commands, as synchronous skating, and single skaters are not allocated.

Whether it is possible to solve a question on financing by area of the project of a new covered ice skating rink and on inclusion of branch of synchronous figure skating in SOR?

– First, synchronous skating – not an Olympic kind of sports, therefore to speak about its inclusion in school of an Olympic reserve it is not necessary. And as to shortage of ice the problem really exists. Today she needs to be decided by that effective utilisation that is. For example, when I was in kontsertno-sports a complex, from 12 o’clock and at least to 14 ice was empty. Clearly, that children study at this time. Means, it is necessary to join in the Russian experiment on education specialisation. In particular, there physical culture lessons are taken out for the curriculum that allows children to visit sections in the afternoon when as practice shows, sport constructions and stand idle.

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