How to choose a suitable kind of sports


Having found out, you concern what elements, it is possible best way to define, in what kind of sports to be engaged to you or your child.

East philosophers divide a universe into five elements, each of which influences the person, on its character and destiny.

Five elements symbolise four parts of the world on a compass and its centre: WATER – the NORTH, FIRE – the SOUTH, METAL – the WEST, the TREE – the EAST, the Earth – the CENTER.

Five elements symbolise also four seasons and their transition: the TREE – SPRING, FIRE – SUMMER, METAL – AUTUMN, WATER – WINTER, the Earth – transition of one season in another.

On last figure of your year of a birth it is possible to define, to what elements You concern:

0, 1 – Metal
2, 3 – Water
4, 5 – the Tree
6, 7 – Fire
8, 9 – the Earth


 Elements METAL

The basic lines – firmness, resoluteness, inflexibility, independence. A habit to rely on the forces.

Sportsmen of this type prefer to set up personal records more, than to play to a command. Risky actions are interesting to them, and obstacles kindle their boldness and temper character.

Sportsmen of type can be met METAL more often among engaged in such rigid enough kinds of sports, as boxing, free and Greek-Roman struggle, other fighting single combats. Can «metalist» meet and – volleyball, football, hockey, etc. They are able to keep in command kinds of sports round themselves those people who are necessary for them, and also persistently to move to the purpose. Sportsmen of such type put before themselves a problem and its decision achieve.

Vivid example «metalist» is Vitaly Klichko.

METAL the endurance and a constancy, they excellent leaders of a command are peculiar to people of elements. From them the captains of commands defining strategy and tactics of behaviour in a command turn out. At the same time, they do not have not enough patience, it is necessary for them to develop time sense and to show the big tactfulness. METAL loses competitions because of the impatience. Children with qualities of METAL can early start to go in for sports, choose its certain kind and to devote it all life. But it is necessary to constrain their “metal” notes in character, imparting it the big diplomacy and goodwill in dialogue With people.


Elements WATER

The basic lines – plasticity, flexibility, sociability.

The kinds of sports connected with water – swimming, water polo, jumps in water, boat racing, synchronous swimming, etc. Besides representatives of these elements well prove in gymnastics, sports dances, track and field athletics, figure skating.

Example – Irina Rodnina

“Water” the thin intelligence is inherent. It are fine players in chess. At them intuitions and creative thinking which very much help them with sports are well developed. Figure skaters of type WATER put the most interesting numbers. Thanks to the versatility and diversity they can succeed in various kinds of sports, and the intuition allows them to expect, at what sports stage it is necessary to give all the best, and where it is possible and to keep forces.

They are able to inspire others on various achievements, but, at the same time, are capable to show obstinacy and a rage.

Children “water” fluctuate in a choice of a kind of sports, they should prompt tactfully. At the same time they are conducted perfectly by intuition, and the child of this type will quickly feel, whether correctly he has chosen sports kind.


Elements TREE

The basic lines – self-control, ability to unity, persistence, sacrifice for the sake of collective well-being.

Sports kinds – fencing, skis, a bicycle. Are successful in track and field athletics.

Example – Sergey Bubka.

Energy of these elements allows the representatives to choose a correct way to lives, to be ready to the great future. They are able to use even small chances which to them are given by Fate. Sportsmen of elements the TREE even at small abilities thanks to the character achieve success.

Do not love too noisy and command games. Thanks to the fine intuition and ability to a prediction quickly seize an essence of the most difficult questions, therefore from them good chess players can turn out.

Because of that that at the TREE interests more often vary, they frequently become less responsible.

Children of type the TREE change often sports sections, being interested in that one, another. But, having got there where it is interesting to them, are capable of the big achievements.


Elements FIRE

The basic lines – ability to active actions, dynamism, an expression, responsibility.

They are born leaders who make the big impact on associates. They are not afraid of risk and are capable to accept new ideas and decisions quickly. “Fiery” adore extreme sports of type of freestyle, skateboard, sky-surfing, mountain bicycles, hand gliding. They are engaged in mountaineering, bobsled, decathlon, downhill racing on kayaks and a canoe. At them the aspiration to updating is strong, they love adventures, adore active command kinds of sports: basketball, Rugby football, volleyball, football, etc.

Examples – known football players Diego Maradona and Zidan.

“Fiery” show resoluteness, endurance and fast reaction thanks to which they can light weights of people. But the same qualities, and also their fervour and an expression lead to development in people of elements vanity and egoism FIRE.

Children of fiery elements rush to the kind which has liked them of sports, giving itself to it entirely, here again there is a danger of unilateral development. Besides, they start to press very much on contemporaries and to solve conflicts in a command in the power ways. It should be meant, softening their type of the person correct education.


Elements EARTH

The basic lines: logic thinking, a practicality, validity, restraint in feelings, conservatism in affairs and relations.

People of elements the Earth soberly estimate as the, and another’s acts and thus are guided by so important expediency for them. They are excellent players in tennis, they also well are engaged in weightlifting, bodybuilding, biathlon. They really look at a situation and trust experience and knowledge, than intuition more.

The bright representative – Maria Sharapov.

They seldom try to risk and carefully weigh each decision before it to accept. Sportsmen of elements the Earth perfectly understand animals, therefore quite often are engaged in equestrian sport. “Terrestrial” often make impression of pedants and individualists, they can excessively care of own interests that harms to disclosing of their creative potential and narrows a circle of their contacts. Children of “Earth” are very practical and quickly study from sports to benefit. Them it is necessary to learn to see in sports beauty and a way of formation of character.

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