SPORTS are necessary to ALL? Or revolution in minds


We speak “sports”, we mean “physical culture”. We speak “physical culture”, we mean – …? Recently in our society to this concept a little scornful relation was developed, we represent physical culture as a school subject to which, by the way, not the positive relation at many too is far is more often.


Even more often that as a matter of fact is physical training, we name beautiful and such prestigious word “sports”. Let’s understand, about what actually it is spoken and that is meant.

Let’s begin with the dictionary.

Sports (from English sport) – in English language this word was originally used for a designation of pleasant pastime, entertainments. Today this concept designates a physical training component – means and the method of physical training having for an object development and strengthening of a human body and achievement by it of high results in competitions. And here in the Ancient Greece to modern sports approximately there corresponded activity which named agonistika (from a word an agony, i.e. struggle in a condition previous death).

The culture is an education, honouring, development, cultivation. This word use for a designation of all useful and progressive, that is created and becomes the person for the existence and perfection, including moral, intellectual and physical. From here value of physical training (physical culture) – that becomes the person for the physical development and level of achievements in this sphere. The modern physical culture is approximately that in the Ancient Greece was called as gymnastics.

From concepts follows, that the most important difference are the purposes. The person who is engaged in physical culture, does it for maintenance of the physical form and beneficial influence on health.

As to sports, especially professional in this case an overall objective is perfection, aspiration to leadership in this or that kind of sports.

It is necessary for each person that you will not tell about sports to be engaged in physical training.

And nevertheless, very much the few in our society are engaged in physical culture, i.e. carry out physical exercises for itself, the pleasure. Why? At us it is not accepted, in other words, in a society the culture of a sound body is not brought up. It first.

And secondly, fairly to tell, at me the word “physical culture” associates with employment of group of older persons. Probably, it because aged people we see on health tracks, stadium racetracks, in sports halls is more often. Why? I think, in advanced age the person especially clearly understands an expression essence “a sound mind in a sound body”. It would be desirable to feel vigorous, to live longer and to have time to be glad this life. And competitions, and results are not so important.

And what the young? For now young, we feel vivacity without any sports, then in the middle age we struggle with a heap of the got sores, desperately trying to combine this struggle against a mad rhythm of work. And further – look above, having retired, we understand, why only a sound mind in a sound body.

So, we will return to our question: than and for what to be engaged, physical culture or sports?

On the one hand, employment by the physical culture, whatever useful they were, to us are boring and burdensome. And on the other hand, to give a lot of time and forces, at times simply to exhaustion, the sports hobby too would not like. And what for? Units become great sportsmen.

How to get out of this vicious circle? Simply. To do and be engaged it is necessary for that is interesting. And the main thing – to understand, for what you do it, it represents what value for you and your organism.

It would not be desirable to rest against sports? Do not rest. Many visit sports sections for many years not to win (though, fairly to tell, any sportsman, of course, should aspire to the best results, differently it any more sports). Will tell, in vain? It do not agree. Sports learn to much, sportsmen speak about it on pages of our magazine – both children, and adults. I wish to add to it personal observations: on work it is necessary to communicate with many very interesting, talented experts, heads who started to work at a dawn of the nuclear industry. All of them the present fans of sports, the people possessing the present physical training. They till now though much it is already far for 60 years, do not throw employment by physical culture. Here this education! And the most important thing, are firmly convinced, that sports helped and help not only to cope with mad working loadings, but also to bring up character, completely to reveal to that potential that is put in pawn in the person.

And so, we do conclusions: that the physical culture or sports became a part of your life, and, its best part, make so that employment were interesting to you, instead of in burden that they brought to you pleasure, instead of forced to something that to you it was cheerful, hazardous. Then there will be also an advantage, you will feel it.

In modern shops today it is possible to buy any sports equipment, equipment. And not always it is necessary to spend for it huge money … It is necessary to solve – a ball or a racket, a bicycle or rollers, the fads or skis, a snowboard or sledge – the choice is not limited.

Dare. Revolution begins not in sports halls, and in human minds.

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