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The overall objective of a heading «Sports stock inventory» – to prompt to parents how correctly to dress beginning sportsman that both trainings, and competitions brought to the child pleasure, instead of torture. After all small subjugators of sports tops should work much and who does not know, it is how much heavier to do work if there are no comfortable conditions for this purpose.

One more useful moment of a heading – council where it is possible to buy necessary “special clothes” and in what range of the prices it can be. Remember that modern sports technologies do not stand on a place and the whole scientific laboratories work over that to sportsmen was not only it is easy, warmly, conveniently, but also the equipment looked fashionably, beautifully, and all together helped to achieve the best results.

On Rum: thermolinen SWIX (a shirt with a long sleeve and trousers). Thermolinen – the first layer of clothes, therefore it should be as much as possible convenient. The primary goal – to take away from a body outside a superfluous moisture (sweat).

Approximate cost to Buy 800-1500 rbl. it is possible in any sports shop.


Sports thermolinenSWIX

On Anja racing overalls (a jacket and trousers) KV-2, the second layer of clothes. It is executed from the modern synthetic materials which primary goal to provide protection of a suit against a wind and to keep heat.

Approximate cost of racing overalls 1800-2500 rbl.

Racing overalls KV-2

Racing overalls (a jacket and trousers) KV-2

The cap of the skier should be warm and easy. The special mask from flis allows to protect a throat from a cold and a wind.

The third layer of clothes – the warmed suit for employment by warm-up with a jacket and trousers-self-dumps KV-2.

Approximate cost 2600 rbl.

The warmed suit for warm-up with a jacket and trousers-self-dumps KV-2

The warmed suit for warm-up with a jacket and trousers-self-dumps KV-2

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