The reference of the editor to readers

I represent you the editor of magazine, get acquainted – Maria Belenja.

Editor-in-chief Maria Belenja

Hi, the reader! It is glad to a meeting
with you. As it – the first.
And at the first meeting it is accepted
to get acquainted.

I know about you a little. Time you read
our magazine, means, you, first,
the active person, secondly,
the inquisitive. And I very much to it
it is glad, because only active and
inquisitive «twist our planet»,
i.e. they can really change the world in –
circle (it is assured, to the best).

Our magazine about sports, means, you or
you are engaged in any section,
or actively you spend the free
time (for example, a bicycle, rollers,
skateboard and so forth), or
very much you wish to be engaged in this or that.
But yet has not solved than or you do not know,
as it to make where to move.

How old are you? Well … You –
young, and it all is told. Young
it is possible after all to be and in 5 years, and in 95!
Now it is a little about itself. I the editor
the magazine first in our city about
sports. Became them, by the way, literally
one month ago!. What I concern
to sports? I admit fairly, never
was not the sportswoman, on extreme
to measure, in that sense, when
competitions, results …

All life I am engaged in different kinds of sports
gradually, loved and till now I love
both to swim for a while, and to run about, and on a bicycle
to sweep. So, for the own
sincere and physical pleasure.
Not because I the inactive person,
simply my activity is shown in
the friend. I became the philologist, therefore
now – the editor of the newspaper.

I am firmly convinced, that the physical
exercises (it is not important, sports it or
simply physical culture) give to the person not
only a beautiful body, but also huge
charge of energy, pleasure. And if the person
receives this pleasure, satisfaction and
health – means, the person arrives
correctly. Today we, by the way, in section
“Useful” we discuss a question on that,
than sports differ from physical culture.
So, join, if to you
to eat than share.
At stadiums and athletic fields,
in sports section of the son I
i meet many interesting people:
the trainers, all life of the devoted
to sports and children, keen sportsmen,
ardent athletes, absolutely
kids who only begin
the friendship with sports, and children is more senior –
the present workers. On
pages of our magazine we will be
to tell about them, together to rejoice
to victories to discuss some important
questions, problems. We will write and
about sports idols, about the deserved
sportsmen of a city to study on an example
veterans. At me a lot of familiar,
which have rather superficial
representation about sports, including
and in Novouralsk. In my opinion, they
wrongly believe, that sports are
destiny of the elite. For them on ours
pages too there will be a lot of a useful
and the interesting information.

Well, for first acquaintance,
probably, it is enough. I very much hope,
that it will not be the last and will outgrow
in a true friendship. And consequently I wait
from you interesting ideas, stories about
to itself and the friends, the hobbies.
Well, and I and all those who does our magazine
participation in creation magazine
interesting, useful and bright, we will be
to answer your questions, to discuss
themes interesting you to tell
about different kinds of sports, how
interestingly and with advantage for health and
mind to spend time.

See you! Editor Maria Belenja

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  1. Devin says:

    hi nice post, i enjoyed it

  2. admin says:

    I thank for a response!
    We have just begun work on this site and to us your estimation and support is important!

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