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Dear readers!

I am glad to inform you that earned version of the site “SportSmeny” Mobile (now while the Russian-speaking version), which it has been possible to read the magazine from mobile devices (such as cell phones). Now necessarily be outside computer that would be interesting if you read the article, and always be aware of the latest updates to the site.

In what location would you not be, if there is a mobile machine that supports connectivity to the Internet and with a connection-can pass the time reading interesting (hopefully :-) ) materials.

To do this on your mobile device only dial site: Dear readers, writing to you with a request – if your machine supports viewing sites specially designed for mobile devices, as a test please look through your cell phone a couple of pages in the site and is incorrect (or if not), please let any available below your own way:

1Send SMS-message to the number +79222120700 (free communication, payment is made only for the very SMS-message tariffs in accordance with your cellular operator) with any understandable phrase or word – “works”, “does not work” or simply mark “+”- that means everything is OK and the version of the site for mobile working, or a”-“means that there is a typo.

2. Send e-mail message to:


Dear readers, Journal SportSmena thank you for your assistance over the work site.

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I Festival extreme sports

extreme sports

On October 14, 2007 in Novouralske a sporting event show “Extreme.” All wish!

The event will take place in the Green Township, on the contrary “Tyre” (across the street).

Beginning at 13-00.

The program sports festival:

1. VMH.
2. MTB .
3. Snowboard (to be artificial snow)

Any questions contact Valery Bezborodovu ext. +79222145392

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Bicycle chronic mania

protector tread

Andrey Bekshaeva’s photo

What varies in human life with the advent of a bicycle? For someone there are new horizons of sports victories, someone is seized by extreme possibility, someone acquires universal all-weather means of transportation and opens with a bicycle the world …

In general if you admire a bicycle clearly one – you the most active, most cheerful and healthy patient! Here such we also will display in section “Cycle racing“.

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To be grouped, compress dactyls in a fist, not to dislocate a brush or not to beat out a joint.

To press an arm to a side and sideways to try to concern the earths.
After “alighting” it is not necessary to brake, and on the contrary, to try to be rolled. Somersaults will allow to soften a friction about the earth which every time arises after falling during run.

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Your questions are answered with the sports doctorru of children’s sports youthful school № 3 Natalia Leonidovna Demakova.


Sports doctor Natalia Leonidovna Demakova

How it is possible to prevent a trauma on training? Advise, what ointment or a cream can be used at bruises and distentions.

The trauma is a damage with infringement of integrity of the fabrics, invoked by any choronomic influence. For a sports traumatism prevalence of the occluded damages is characteristic: bruises, distentions, anguishes, breakages.

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