Sergej Sotnikov

Sergey Sotnikov, the master of sports on biathlon, 18 years.

The numerous prize-winner and the winner of superiority of Russia among young men since 2002. In the middle of February of this year the silver prize-winner in sprint has returned the champion of Russia among young men in prosecution race. Twice for last two years acted on Superiority of the world on biathlon among young men: in 2006 – in the USA, in 2007 – in Italy (Martel).


We have asked to share Sergey impressions how there passed world youthful starts this year.

– Sergey, the first question – as you estimate the performance in Martele?

– In general, I consider, that have made everything, that was on forces. Certainly, counted on a medal, but 6 place in race of prosecution and 10 in sprint is too quite good results.

-In my opinion, performance at world level it is already healthy what to speak about hit in ten strongest! As the present result shows considerable progress in comparison with results of the American starts when you were in third ten. In this connection a question – than in Italy conditions of races differed from the USA?

In the USA practically there were no high mountains, and Martel are average mountains, height above sea level – 1700 metres. The most difficult – adaptation process: shortage of oxygen, pressure. Especially hard first days of trainings.

– What is the time it is necessary for the sportsman for adaptation to such climate?

– At organism everyone the possibility for accustoming. We have arrived for two weeks, but all the same on peak of the form I felt myself only by the end of starts.

– Except physical possibilities of the sportsman what influences success of performances?

– Very important competently to approach to training process, not to be overloaded. At us was not before performances in the conditions of the high mountains, therefore the first valuable experience have got in Italy. The psychological spirit, emotional support are still very important.

– Who and how supported you from Russia?

– Is, of course, my trainers and parents, sister: the father was with me in Italy, and mum with sister watched a course of events in native Novouralsk. It was very pleasant, when many friends and acquaintances called to Italy, congratulated, supported.

– Sergey the Novouralsk school of biathlon, in your opinion, is how much strong?

– I can tell, that Novouralsk sportsmen know, they make strong enough competition at the most different levels of competitions, both in man’s, and in female biathlon.

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