Vladimir Pavlov – the sports journalist.

Vladimir Pavlov, the journalist and the big admirer of sports. The first who has wished to participate in our project. Specially for first number Vladimir Evgenevich has brought interview to well-known Russian biathlonist Sergey Chepikovym at competitions «the Ski track of Russia».

Maria Strizhakova

Maria Strizhakova, the photographer.Masha without questions has agreed to work with us and has made two remarkable photographings about Larissa Nadeevoj and girls-sinhronistkah. Notice: with us the keen and not indifferent creative people work. 

Aleksandr Picenko

Alexander Pitsenko – one more photographer of our project.Alexander – in the past the military man, and today the photographer, differing ability to see, think and tell about it through an objective. It has made for us the picture story from training of boxers.

Maria Rusinova

Maria Rusinova, the artist and the critic by training, works as the journalist.Masha’s interests in this project have converged in two professional spheres, probably, therefore illustrations to materials have turned out such bright, amusing and exact under the maintenance.

Vladimir Netunaev

Vladimir Netunaev, the designer.What it is possible to tell about designers? They are the people who absolutely not are not giving in to art descriptions (they even the appearance see not how all). But nevertheless, how our magazine today looks, completely Vladimir’s merit. The editor also expresses huge gratitude to Olga Dorovsky, to Sergey Leutkinu and all who anyhow helped this number to be published. IF AT YOU IS WHAT TO TELL ABOUT THE SPORTS LIFE, JOIN OUR COMMAND!

We invite to participation in the project of sponsors and advertisers. We will make a life in a sports life more interestingly and more brightly!

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