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V.N. Malov

Already throughout a number of years the Novouralsk sportsmen who have achieved high results, receive the grant of the Head of Novouralsk city district. Who, as well as for what becomes the addressee of this grant? The chairman of committee on physical training and sports of administration of city district tells about it Victor Nikolaevich Malov.

– A grant overall objective, of course, this stimulation, motivation of sportsmen to achievement of higher results which, in turn, work on increase of sports image of a city.

There is a Position defining an order of purpose of the grant. Some times it age groups of grant-aided students were corrected, extended. If right at the beginning addressees of grants basically only sportsmen were more senior 18 years since 2005 five additional groups with division by kinds of sports for young men have been entered and girls is elderly till 18 years. It has been made for the purpose of increase of motivation and perfection of skill of young sportsmen.

At last, in October, 2006 in Position there was one more important addition – such group of addressees of grants, as juniors-boys and juniors-girls (from 18 years to 21 years) was added. Necessity of it is dictated by specificity of some kinds of sports. Today the quantity of addressees of the grant averages 75 persons.

– The way of purpose of grants is that: two times a year, following the results of the first and second half-year from among the sportsmen declared by sports establishments get out grant-aided students. The sums which during half a year will be received by sportsmen, depend on their age, from sports kind, from level of competitions and the results shown on them. An obligatory condition – the sportsman should train in sports establishments of Novouralsk city district.

– At formation of lists candidates share on groups both on age, and by similar kinds of sports as in different kinds of possibility of hit of sportsmen on competitions of high level and successful performance on them far are not identical.

– Each group has a quota (a number limit) which size is defined by different reasons, for example quantity engaged in the given kind of the sports, the reached results. Lists considers and the board concerning sports development discusses at committee on physical training and sports of administration of city district, and then they affirm the Head of district.

– According to Position, the most young candidates should be not younger 12th years, but grant reception depends, of course, first of all, on the reached results.

Once again I wish to underline, that lists of grant-aided students are reconsidered everyone half a year that allows to react to the results reached by sportsmen flexibly. Someone leaves these lists, and instead of them there are others. So all in hands of sportsmen. The more seriously they concern training process, the faster at them results and the more chances to become the addressee of the grant of the Head of city district will grow.

Vladimirs Pavlov, a photo of the author

In I half-year 2007 Ekaterina Belova (short-track) has appeared the most productive sportswoman in group “adults”. She has had time to participate in five considerable competitions from Russian to world levels. At Ekaterina, accordingly, and the greatest grant – 6 thousand. The grant for beginners makes 550 roubles.

In total for this period in two groups on a category “adults” – 21 grant-aided student. The most numerous (55 persons) an age category from five groups – «young men and girls». They represent following kinds of sports (on decreasing, from the most numerous by quantity of grant-aided students) hockey, sports orientation, minifootball, boxing, figure skating, acrobatics, a short-track, biathlon, a kickboxing, cross-countries, swimming, volleyball, track and field athletics, a judo. Is among grant-aided students of the first half of the year and two representatives boat model making sports.

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