Football match the RUBY-RAY, Kazan 2007

We represent you the next article from Evgenii Dikarkinoj from a football match the RUBY-RAY which has passed in the city of Kazan in May, 2007.

What there can be the best rest from work, than a trip to other city and a meeting with old acquaintances on football? Only the same in warm May days off.

Here so I also have appeared in Kazan on May, 26th, in day of game of football clubs the RUBY and the RAY.

In Kazan I was any more first time, but till now I do not get tired to admire with beauty of this city.

Mosque kul sharif mechet kul sharif

On a photo mosque Kul-Sharif

Having decided, that viewing of a match from a tribune for me will be a little, I have addressed in the RUBY press-service, and to me have made accreditation. Now access in the field for me has been opened! Than I have immediately taken advantage, and while waited for an exit of football players on warm-up, photographed stadium.

Limbering up of football players razminka futbolistov


Warm-up of football players before a match


Limbering up of football players razminka futbolistov

There were football players of the RAY


Football players of a soccer team a ruby futbolisty komandy rubin

Then there were football players of a command the RUBY


Sport limbering up of football players razminka futbolistov

Then there were football players of a command the RUBY


Professional photos training of judges of football trenirovka futbolnyh sudej

Then there were football players of a command the RUBY


Football fans from vladivostok futbolnye bolelschiki iz vladivostoka

Fans of a soccer team have pleased the RAY which have arrived from Vladivostok to support a favourite command


Stars the trainer of a soccer team a beam sergej pavlov trener futbolnoj komandy luch sergej pavlov

Repeatedly by me there passed the main trainer of the RAY – Sergey Pavlov. It, unlike the others, was collected and serious


After warm-up football players have left from stadium. The stadium has calmed down in an anticipation of an exit of commands in the field. And fans have not been disappointed. The exit of football players has in the field turned out very beautiful – they held for hands of the boys dressed in red-green colours RUBY, and those in turn compressed the big balloons in hands. Leaving in the field, children have let out spheres in air under approving exclamations of tribunes.

Beautiful exit of football players on stadium



 photo football

In the first time football players of a command the RUBY has scored one goal and has led in the account 1:0


football players on a field

The second time. Attempts of football players the RAY to reach to collars of the contender

Unfortunately for a command the Beam, fate that day has turned away from them, the Ruby has won with account 3:0, besides football players the Beam have not hammered in a foul shot.


After a match football players the RAY and the RUBY. Discuss not hammered by a foul shot?

photos the goalkeeper aleksandr kolinko

The hero of a match the goalkeeper of a command the Ruby Alexander Kolinko


After game it was possible to talk to brothers Bazaevymi with whom the destiny has dissolved on different commands a little. Dzhambulad that day did not play because of a trauma

brothers football players


football player georgij bazaev

George, on the contrary, played all match, and has been very upset because of defeat

After game of time to a train was more many, therefore I have spent it with advantage, walking on Kazan.

I hope, that this summer again to a smog to find a free time and to go to this city on football.


Evgenie Dikarkina.

Photo of the author.

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