Histories of our victories

Evgenie Martyshev


Alexander Pitsenko’s photo

«In 5 years I have come to figure skating section, and now to me 14. All these years persistently I train: from year to year I study to overcome the fear, to carry out difficult jumps, to perfect sliding.

Last year at competition on prize Cherkizov in Ekaterinburg I have received a rank of the candidate for the master of sports. And in this season perfectly to act it was possible only at two last competitions: in Tyumen for any program has received the highest points and has occupied 1 place. At competitions in Glazov already acted in the category of the master of sports: both in any, and in short programs has occupied 1 place.

In plans for the next year – to protect a rank of the master of sports on single figure skating, for this purpose it is required to work and jump a lot of one more threefold jump.

Sergey Lisev, 13 years:


In section of figure skating of children’s youthful sports school № 2 I were resulted by mum when I was 4 years old. 9 years me train Olga Nikolaevna Badjaeva and Andrey Vladislavovich Vyatkin.

I remember, how it was difficult, when, after trainings in a sports hall, we have risen for the first time on the fads, on the present ice. Every year elements which we study to carry out on ice, becomes more and more. Each time all of them it is more difficult. Already in 6 years I have executed the first program. From it I acted at competitions under 3 youthful category. Now at me a rank of the candidate for the master of sports. Has passed 9 years filled with trainings at any time of year, statements of new programs, travelling on competitions, victories and defeats … it is final, it is hard, but I like to be engaged in figure skating, at me it is a lot of friends in different cities with which we have got acquainted during competitions, to me still my trainers, and ahead – the new season, the new competitions, new victories.

Elena Martysheva


Figure skater Elena Martysheva, medallist

Alexander Pitsenko’s photo

To me of 10 years, from 3 years I am engaged in figure skating. At me already was, probably, one thousand trainings, but on everyone I try though a little to move ahead in development of art of skating. And more many attention I devote that has not turned out on the previous trainings.

This year I go for a drive in the category «2 sports, younger age». On a cup of Urals Mountains in Novouralsk has taken the second place and has received a silver medal.

This year to me put short, any and interpretation programs. Most of all it is pleasant to me interpretation: here it is necessary to show, how you feel music on ice. I go for a drive under a rock’n’roll and I play with music in a role Peppi-long-stocking. To rise on that level to which I correspond today, to win medals, to seize beautiful plastique and ability to skate all these years to me trainers O.N.Badjaeva, A.V.Vyatkin and the choreographer of an island E.Shejnfild help.

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