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Mari’a Belenja, editor-in-chief magazine Sport

And again hi, the reader of the magazine first in Novouralsk about sports and an active way of life!

Second number, of course, not an indicator of success of magazine in the publishing world. But we after all and magazine do not within the limits of this world and that townsmen Novouralsk – children and adults – could see histories of the victories, stories about the hobbies and it is a lot of still that about myself and the city on pages of the beautiful and qualitative edition.

Therefore we will not sum up, and we will simply tell, how there are affairs. The first, that pleases most of all – the interest shown to magazine by townspeople. Despite practically absent advertising from our party, the city about magazine knows. I do not wish to tell, that among its readers have appeared only happy, but that the last overwhelming majority, it is exact.

The second, that pleases not less the first, it is remarkable collective of creative and madly interesting people, which as the snow clod, “accrues” more and more. Young journalists and talented photographers with pleasure use possibility to work over the new and interesting project. And about that, how many in an editorial portfolio accumulates the interesting offers, new themes, original ideas and unusual finds in respect of illumination on pages «Sportsmen – Novouralsk», and to speak it is not necessary!

So, if you have ideas, talents, and your credo – an active and healthy way of life, join! Works will suffice all.

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2 Responses to Section of the editor

  1. Sasha says:

    The translation is awful. Really bad. Do you need help?

  2. admin says:

    Yes, the help in transfer is necessary to us. If you help to translate articles from Russian a site on English – the collective of magazine and readers will be very grateful to you.

    Thanks for the help!

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