The hobby for diving in our country types the increasing scope. Today there is no sea resort which would not suggest the clients to dive with an aqualung. At someone it and remains a seasonal entertainment, and at someone develops into the present hobby.



Ural electrochemical integrated plant this hobby too has not avoided. Carried away by diving while it is a little, and can be, not all to us are known. But, probably, after this article they will want to unite in club and to be engaged in diving together. After all, according to Andrey Gorinova with whom we also have started this conversation, «to plunge into water it is necessary with the checked up people, the shoulder of a companion here is necessary, as a parachute in air».

On the account at Andrey of 22 immersings in the sea. Together with Ekaterinburg diving club “Triton” it dived on the Ural lakes and open-cast mines, and on far Red sea. Has come to diving spontaneously, but now understands, that will already refuse very difficult.

– Andrey with what your hobby for a scuba diving has begun?

– For the first time I have seen, how dive with an aqualung, in 2004 when had a rest in Egypt. It was impressed. It wanted to try. In the childhood very much liked to look Cousteau’s films about the seas and oceans. In 2005 the dream became a reality.

The first immersings remained in memory?

– I remember, that had no time for sea beauty: each immersing – working off of practical skills of behaviour under water in various situations. On a surface wrote the control. In the evenings studied the diving theory. Then, in 2005, we with a companion, too, by the way, worker UEIP Romanom Kamalievym  have gone to Red sea. I have bought aqua-box for the digital camera and wished it to test in the sea. Thought, that at once I will start to do smart pictures. But there was all more difficult. We, of course, prepared for a trip. In advance were wrote off with Russian school of diving «Красноморск» in Hurgada. When we there have arrived, we a little that knew about diving, but to plunge it was necessary “in a military way” – at once in «open water».

Employment under water are constructed so: each movement is fulfilled repeatedly that you without vanity in a similar situation could make the correct decision. The panic is not admissible. So at the first immersings had no time for photographings. But here when I have learnt to breathe already correctly and not reflecting to work with the equipment, before me such beauty which can at dream only in a dream have opened.

– And there were cases when water or its sea inhabitants reacted to you with hostility?

– Though experience of immersings at me and not such big to tell sea legends, but also on my eyes once there was a case which has reminded that the water elements live own life. There was it on Red sea. One of divers has passed very close to a reef wall … It and did not think, that has got on territory moray eel, and it was not glad that to a clod to the visitor. Predator has reacted immediately. Moreover, has started to behave very actively. Has floated for our companion, it is literally «attacking flippers», and pursued it up to a water surface. Such behaviour is not peculiar муренам. An adrenaline dose have received all. And in general it even is good, that the sea is reminded people, «by whom here main».

– The philosophical conclusion. To that has still learnt the sea?

– Has not learnt more likely, and has forced to think of how people show barbarity in relation to the sea. Amazes with what ease local residents and having a rest tourists destroy everything, that the nature created centuries.

– Some more immersings also it is necessary to adjoin party green …. And in general, the hobby for a scuba diving has somehow changed your character?

– I the person at heart quiet, measured so my character has more likely coincided with temperament which is necessary for the diver. But I have noticed, that people explosive, emotional after several present, instead of than educational immersings become softer and quieter. So diving it also psychotherapy.

– What all the same in diving the main thing?

– Masterful possession of buoyancy. Skilled divers can float, operating only breath. By means of lungs they plunge, rise in thickness of water or hang in one position on certain depth.

– At divers it is some growth steps. On what of them you stand now?

– While I at the very beginning of a way – OWD “open water”. It is authorised to plunge to 18 metres. The way beginning practically. It is a high time to join to all who has become interested in this kind of sports – diving. We will study together to submit depths of the seas.

– If suddenly there will be those who will want to adjoin a society of divers УЭХК where they can train?

– The first employment should pass in pool, and for «open water» in Sverdlovsk and Chelyabinsk areas there is a set of remarkable open-cast mines and lakes. For example, an open-cast mine “Azure” near to village Nikolo-Pavlovsk. It is a young open-cast mine, and on its bottom trees till now have remained. Fur-trees with needles, on branches of deciduous trees were settled by dregs, and now they remind huge corals. Fishes there are not present, but there is a flooded bus. When you float over its roof impressions unforgettable as though you soar in the sky, and the bus costs on the earth. In general, fine!

– Of what the beginning diver dreams?

– To grow in professionalism to level of the instructor. It would be desirable to find more adherents and to open diving club at us in a city. There can be about it very few people knows, but earlier here there was such club. There was it at VSAAAF (volunteer society of assistance of army, aircraft and to fleet). In it diving club skin-divers were trained. Here it were really fans. Now all ammunition for diving can be bought. And the first divers of our city glued suits. It were enthusiasts to whom to modern divers it is still far. They went to the Far East, plunged in sea of Japan. It would be desirable to revive club already in modern interpretation.


Gorinov Andrey, 33 years, izdatelsko-polygraphic shop UEIP
22 immersings dive since 2005,
Certificate OWD

«Oceans and the seas still are a little studied…
Sea depths is space on the earth. We have grown on Jacque Iva Cousteau’s films, transfer «Club of travellers». There was a real possibility to carry out children’s dream… that once seemed such unattainable, today became a reality…».



Konovalov Evgenie, 32 years, shop of audit of cars UEIP
10 immersings dive since 2006,
Certificate OWD

«Diving is an exit for frameworks habitual. It is possibility to soar in thickness of water as in heavenly height. This fine sensation of weightlessness, ease and freedom. This full acceptance of water, as close and infinitely familiar elements. This feeling of comfort, calmness, confidence. It is pleasure, trust and support of adherents. It is beauty of fresh reservoirs and miracles of the deep dark blue seas».

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Small photo gallery of ocean and the seas





salt water fish



The material is prepared by Maria Rusinovoj,
All photos are given by Andrey Gorinovym

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