Starts Dmitry Gorlov. II stage of the Cup on skis

The traditional annual Cup of a city on cross-countries among pupils which passes from December till March comes to an end. Last, fourth stage on March, 20-21th will take place. Here is how the rating of most “fruitful” on a medal for today looks
Participants, at which most of all chances to leave in winners and prize-winners of the Cup.

Bolotov Evgenie (1+1+3), trainer Bakreneva, school 53,
Mahnutin Ivan (2+3), trainer Zhabreeva, school 57,
Gajfulina Xenia (1+1), trainer Bakreneva,
Ukhov Anna (2+2), trainer Bakreneva,
Rodionova Ekaterina (2+3), trainer Bakreneva.


Voronin Alexander (1+1+1), trainer Bakreneva,
Belenja the Novel (2+3+3), trainer Sotnikova, ДЮСШ-4,
Lebedev Denis (2+3), trainer Sotnikova
Agafonov Denis (2+3), trainer Golubina, school 53,
Kotovshchikova Sofia (1+1+1), trainer Tjujushev, settlement Top-Nejvinsky,
Anufriev Xenia (2+2+3), trainer Karamova, school 53,
Smetanin Elena (3+3), trainer Bakreneva.


Butorin Dmitry (1+3), trainer Solovev S.S., ДЮСШ-4,
Sabitov Maxim (1+3), trainer Tepelin, school 53,
Kirsanov Alina (1+4), trainer Sotnikova.

1991 – 1992

Arhipenko Ivan (1+1), trainer Karamova,
Cooks Sergey (2+2), trainer Sukonkin, school 53,
Shajdullina Alina (1+1), trainer Sukonkin,
Gannikova Anna (2+3), trainer Sotnikova,
Kuznetsova Darya (2+3), trainer Sotnikova.


Sorogin Maxim (1+1+3), trainer Sukonkin,
Peganov Evgenie (1+3), trainer Sukonkin,
Peretruhina Marina (1+1), trainer Sukonkin
Ahead – one more stage of a cup. In following number we learn winners.

We do rates?

Voshlaev Dmitrij

Starts Voshljaev Dmitry.

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