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Galina Vasilevna Sotnikova, the senior trainer on biathlon of Children’s youthful sports school № 4. The master of sports on cross-countries and biathlon.

Was born in Solikamsk, was engaged in cross-countries. The personal trainer has moved to Ekaterinburg and visors with itself of the best pupils in which number there was also Galina Vasilevna. 

In Ekaterinburg female biathlon then only just gained in strength and its trainer cultivated at the College of mines Boris Zaharovich Belonosov. One of schoolmate Galinas Vasilevny in parallel was engaged at it in biathlon, but Galina Vasilevna has not dared to change to skis and, by its recognition, all life then regretted, that already then has missed possibility professionally to be engaged in biathlon. But she has met in Ekaterinburg the future husband – biathlonist Sergey Sotnikova. It supported sports army club, as well as Galina Vasilevna. After the young family has got children: daughter Anechkoj and son Sergey – they have moved to Novouralsk, home Sergey Aleksandrovicha. Since this moment, namely since 1992, the history “SOTNICOV’s biathlon team” begins.

– Galina Vasilevna, tell, please, as all began?

– When we have arrived to a city, here biathlon have been already enough developed. «The road was laid» by such eminent trainers, as Kim Tomahin, Evgenie Kolokolnikov, Boris Polushkin. And names of Novouralsk biathlonists were known by all country. In general, atmosphere in a city accompanied biathlon development, and we practically have typed at once group of children. Sergey Aleksandrovich was for this purpose placed in school by №43 teacher of an additional education. At that time in our trainer’s activity the big participation has accepted Lev Mihajlovich of Goats working then at school as 43 teacher of physical culture. It the first in our city has supported us and has believed, for what we are very grateful to it. Well and I then still served in army, worked in military unit 3280. After work too was engaged with children, on public principles. By the way, in it, the first set there was our daughter Anna, Natalia Egoshina.

And began at all of us with zero – the premise special was not, more often children changed clothes directly at our place. With the world on a thread have collected ski stock – have thrown a call among veterans of skiing with whom Sergey Aleksandrovich once together ran. Printed reading and writing, invented prizes.

– How many the person trains today under your beginning in on biathlon of Children’s youthful sports school № 4?

– Together with Sergey Aleksandrovicha’s group at us nearby 50 persons, from them half already in a category of biathlonists, and second half (group of initial preparation), is more younger, is engaged in cross-countries.

– I know, that your command is famous for the traditions …

– Yes, children like to gather together in different occasions – all birthdays is marked, on picnics we leave. In summertime – country sports camp, in the autumn always we leave on gathering to Black sea. And after carrying out of competitions on biathlon on L.Bojarskih’s prize – together with parents the sports holiday, directly in the same place, in green cape on a line is arranged. Children think out competitions for adults, and those with pleasure in them participate. At us, it seems to me, very amicable and rallied collective. And it also is very important at education of sportsmen – healthy command spirit which the best tutor also is.

About secrets of trainer’s Skill

– When to you in section the new child comes, you see at once, whether there will be it the champion?

– Certainly, no. At once the talent can be visible. And here diligence and feeling of responsibility of the child further joins. Happens (and frequently) the child capable, at the beginning to it equal is not present. But if subsequently he visits training employment “anyhow”, and another, less talented, but more hardworking will persistently go to the victories – here here all and rises on the places. The regularity of trainings is very important for the future victories.

– How you consider, in what the main secret of success of the good sportsman?

– I will repeat, in diligence. Day by day it is necessary to slave away. Special talent at the person can and not to be, but at the expense of diligence he can achieve much. I do not cease to be surprised to our children who, that not noticing, work as the present ants. They and do not realise it, do not notice while the enormous work. This daily work is interesting to them, it turns to game. I simply admire these children – I would devote an ode to them, the word of honour!

The second … If is fair, all the same at least small talent should be! Well also such factor, as absolute mutual trust of the pupil and the trainer is important.

– What depends on the trainer in education of the sportsman?

– Yes very many! You give me the child, trust not only its sports career, but also health, partly education. The trainer can mould everything from the ward. And not only the champion. It is elementary to overload a children’s organism in volume of trainings, for example. For this reason we work in close cooperation with sports doctorsru. The medical control at least 2 times a year – are obligatory (unfortunately, at us in a city it while the big problem). Depending on its result to each child individually we select loadings. Well and in general, sometimes after all and without the sports doctor the condition of the child is visible. When something is not glued, depression, weakness – the trainer should be very attentive.

– And what lays down on shoulders of parents in development of the young sportsman?

– A good food is time. A high-grade harmonious food where fibers are balanced, fats, carbohydrates where there are enough vitamins, minerals. It is very important to remember, that absence of a qualitative and sufficient food conducts to an organism exhaustion. Especially quickly it occurs at children, after all forces are necessary to them also for natural growth, and not just for trainings, school, homeworks …

Remember: the child badly attempted – an organism was not restored, forces on training are not present, cannot be and result.

Qualitative dream – the second important condition for the sportsman. It is so important, as well as to eat. For the sake of a dream it is necessary to offer both computer games, and TV viewing, and other things. If your small sportsman goes to bed after 11 is an accident for it, believe.

– Whether are the sports family, parents-trainers the keystone to success for the future sportsman?

– Far not always. And in general the percent of champions-children of sportsmen is not indicative in this plan. I will tell more, often such sports life from the cradle in general discourages children to sports.

The chance to become the champion is at everyone – hardworking, talented and, on my deep belief, the kind person.

Command of biathlonists

Command of biathlonists

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