The bicyclist the traveller submits Russia

From the moment of the invention of a bicycle the master from the city of Nizhni Tagil Efim Artamonov has passed more than two hundred years. Since then in the technician there were considerable changes. The modern bicycle – a product of high technologies – resembles the great-grandfather a little, but it has not lost the main thing: this car is close to the person as any another, and can become if want, its friend. Practically one only the memoirs on a bicycle call positive emotions everyone, carry away in the happy world of the childhood.

We mature and we forget old friends. And can, it is not necessary to do and try to get it to itself the old friend in a new appearance?

Buying a bicycle

We will to begin with be defined, how the bicycle will be used, and, proceeding from it, we will start to plan acquisition. To buy a bicycle follows in special shop – there to you will help to pick up a frame for growth, will give advice about operation and will spend first free THAT in a month.

Avoid so responsible purchase in a casual place: your health and a life can depend on durability and reliability of a bicycle. Recently the big distribution mountain bicycles of type hardtail (without an amortisation suspension bracket of a back wheel) as have received the most universal and reliable.

About the prices for bicycles: the qualitative bicycle with elastomeric a plug cannot cost more cheaply 300$, and the car for intensive operation costs from 700$ and should be equipped by a plug with oil shock absorber, such plug excellently holds a line and provides accuracy of management and safety on difficult downhill racings. The bicycle for races also can brag contact (automatic fastening) of pedals.

So, the bicycle is bought, and it is healthy! There are some directions of its application: drive, campaigns and, at last, competitions (race).

To beginning bicyclists

Driving – one-day run on a bicycle from 50 to 120 km. With a halt, survey of sights or search of unknown roads. Are recommended to beginners as excellent preparation for campaigns and perfect productive leisure. In Novouralsk there are at least two lineal descendants Ivan Susanin on a bicycle line. He is Konstantin Leknin (FatCat) and Alexey Maleev (Cockroach). At desire they can be found under these nicknames in an Internet forum on

To active bicyclists

Campaigns on a bicycle – travel lasting many days. For them the luggage carrier and backpacks-trousers is required to your friend. Travelling on a bicycle, it is possible to visit practically any corner of our country and to see immeasurably more than the motorist from a car window. In my opinion, it is the best way to spend holiday. Even days off with spending the night in wood and a supper on a fire leave weight of pleasant impressions and memoirs.

To competing bicyclists

Competitions on bicycle races are even more often spent in Ekaterinburg, on prizes of shops of sport equipment. The detailed information on a technique of preparation for start and it is a lot of about what still it is possible to find on a site velopiter. Those who leave on lines, do not name each other sportsmen or bicyclists, but will necessarily tell – the racer. This word in cycling – a synonym of a word “fighter” in single combats – a title which it is necessary to deserve. Bicycle races are shown people with ambitions, those who wishes to be tomorrow faster, than today. By the way, the world champion in races cross-country-country became recently Russian guy Jury Trofimov, and who knows, can, you following…

In summary I wish to give some the general councils:

1. Carry a helmet and carry with itself dressings.
2. Have in stock a repair set on a case of punctures.
3. Use, whenever possible, special bicycle clothes and footwear.
4. Try to eat correctly, avoid the use of beer and alcoholic drinks. Use daily milk and dairy products – a unique source of calcium, eat more than fresh vegetables.

So, happy journey and see you on roads. Movement – a life!

The bicyclist submits snow mountains

Michael Kleshchevnikov, a photo from archive of the author


So, it will be necessary for your bicycle …

…in one-day campaigns and trips – a bag fixed under a frame or under a seat. In it it is possible to combine the repair complete set and tools, it is a little meal and, if to try, something else …

…in a campaign lasting many days – wings (guards), a bicycle luggage carrier, a bicycle backpack of type “trousers”. (For you it is excellent possibility to unload a back and to transport additional cargo). In a backpack pay attention to possibility for joining of additional capacities, presence retro-reflecting surface of elements, convenience in installation and durability.

The winter conducted travel

Do not forget and about itself liked

Get special clothes of the bicyclist – breathing gloves with the truncated fingers (for summer), the bicycle form which will perfectly take away a moisture from a body and quickly it will evaporate. Colour of sports clothes – light tone (will protect from an overheat on the sun and stings of mosquitoes). Remember – natural fabrics in sportswear are inapplicable.


You are the present biker, if:

1. You have irritation symptoms if you had not a seat on a bicycle of more than one day.

2. Passing street, you a hand show, where are going to to turn.

3. When you hear weather forecast, you estimate it, as excellent or not absolutely good for driving on a bicycle.

4. Planning the next holiday, you consider a bicycle as unique means of transportation.

5. You spend money for bicycle clothes twice more than for a target suit.

6. You collect parts of old bicycles instead of a collecting of stamps or coins.

7. When you sit down a wheel of the car and feel, that something not so, you put on a bicycle helmet and bicycle gloves.

8. When you go on the car try to half-rise on roughnesses of road.

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