Children’s sports

So, you have decided to go in for sports. However, it is a little having thought, having seen the next train of the championships on the TV, understand, that your train all the same has left. The champion you already hardly become, and to exhaust yourselves every day with physical exercises is any more in your force, a habit, a way of life etc., etc. Yes, once, in school days, you not bad ran on skis or even played for a school soccer team. But then – vital problems, a family, children …

 Just about, children! The son/daughter grows up, and you yet have not defined it in sports! Horror! Urgently we go to section of easy athletics/football/hockey, that is in that kind of sports to which at the child as it seems to you, interest at genetic level should be put in pawn. And further the plot develops: «the Sonny! I have not achieved, so though you will be the champion!»

Consequences of such “choice” of sports section for the child can be pitiable only. It is good, if it has the good trainer, capable to carry away, help to grow fond of the kind of sports. And if the good trainer does not help also? After all it is frequent parents, imposing the non-realised dreams to children, wait from the small sportsmen of the big victories, plan on the future sports career of the son or the daughter (and at the same time and on the provided old age). Even if the child also will love sports and trainings which itself did not choose, excessive requirements of parents, speeding up of sports results become eventually an intolerable burden. Consequences of such employment can pour out in any form. Therefore, first of all, separate the ambitions and non-realised dreams of the childhood from a reality, i.e. from requirements of your children. Necessarily listen to council of psychologists and skilled trainers: the child should be engaged in that kind of sports which is pleasant to it.



Gathering of the information on kinds of sports

It is easy to tell: «Let the child is engaged in what would like it», to find out more difficultly, that actually it is pleasant to it. Have patience. The kid, especially if to it, of course, cannot tell of 4-5 years itself: «the Daddy, I wish to be engaged in hockey». Most likely, your child, having seen enough sports translations, will want to become the abrupt hockey player, the graceful figure skater, the dexterous gymnast, i.e. he will choose not sports, and object for imitation. Do not hasten to dispel beautiful dream, but at the same time it is necessary to tell to the child and that behind the big achievements and victories there is a big work, trainings. And still: it is not obligatory to be adjusted on sports career. We already said, that mastering by physical training is much more important in a life of any person: a life not for the sake of sports, and sports and physical culture for the sake of a healthy, successful life.

Descend with the child on trainings in prospective section, show, how other children are engaged. Sincerely become interested in new business and then also your child will show interest to it. Try to collect as much as possible information on the chosen kind of sports, on trainers, consult to the doctorru, try to find acquaintances who is engaged or engaged in this kind of sports.

Today we result the list of the most popular sports sections working, basically, at detsko-youthful sports schools of a city of Novouralsk. In following numbers we will continue the story about where and than it is possible to be engaged to young sportsmen in our city.

Acrobatics Volleyball

Children’s sports youthful school, Sverdlova, 1b.

Figure skating, synchronous skating, basketball, the big tennis, minifootball

Children’s sports youthful school № 2, street Komsomol, 6b.

Hockey, short-track

Children’s sports youthful school № 3, street Sverdlova, 6

Biathlon, cross-countries, sports orientation, mountain skiing, skating sports, judo, boxing, wushu, a kickboxing, track and field athletics, swimming.

Children’s sports youthful school № 4, street Autofactory, 25.

Sports ball dances

Recreation centre UEIP, studio “Fiesta”, The centre of out-of-school , street Sverdlova, 6.

Go-cart racing, cycling, mini-mokiki

Station of young technicians, street Sverdlova 1.


The centre of out-of-school development, Club “Labyrinth”, Kornilova 6


Choice of the sports trainer

When you conduct the child in the first class, what choice faces to you: school or the teacher? Psychologists speak, if you choose to the child of the good teacher it is a correct choice. As and with the trainer. It should combine qualities of the decent person, the present enthusiast of the business and the competent expert. All this vital because on the trainer will depend in many respects, whether will grow fond of sports the child, whether can remain healthy. The trainer should force to grow fond of itself the pupil, to construct relations on 100 %-s’ trust. In general, better, than the trainer, about the work will not tell anybody. Search for such trainer, that «as the daddy with mum».


For a long time I already have noticed –
Sportsmen the people obstinate,
But nevertheless they, as children,
And their trainer – the daddy with mum.
Work not for fops,
Rest in the afternoon, at night.
At the trainer bread heavy,
At the trainer the life is shorter.
Employment are infinite,
And nerves hoot strainedly.
To it in the ward
To find the person it is necessary.
To medals to grope access,
To victories to manage to make the way,
No, the trainer to be uneasy,
They need though to be born.
Family he almost does not see,
On light flies without the house,
The wife on it in insult,
And children do not see long.
And in general all of us children
And the trainer is necessary to everyone,
Who the best in us will notice
And the nurse will be besides!

M. Nozhkin



If the child does not want to go in for sports

Undoubtedly, that the child cannot is high-grade to develop, if enough not moves. Today there is a set of temptations which simply do not allow to move to our growing generation: TV, computer games, a wrong food. How to tear off the child from the screen of the TV and a pack of chips in a hand? Parents frequently and do not have will power to rise on skis, to send on errands in football, to sit down on bicycles or simply to walk on wood, having come off from a sofa and the TV. It is important to catch the moment: each child pulls you sooner or later on street, asks to play with it, to go skating, take a walk. As a rule, we, having referred to shortage of time, refuse, we postpone such joint productive leisure on then. And after all then can and not come. The child, eventually, not knowing as well as than to occupy itself, will find a toy: the notorious screen of the computer or the TV. And when it will grow up and will go to school, you with surprise will find out, that it does not have not enough forces to cope with loadings, that the list of already got diagnoses all becomes wider and wider. Believe, then will result the child in sports where more difficultly. The habit … Or, in other words, physical training will be up to standard …

You can help to become your child active and physically healthy the same as also it can help with it to you. The main thing – not to miss the moment when one wants, and another can.

Happens also such, that the child does not wish to go in for sports – any and in any. What to do? Do not go in for sports! Simply start to walk much together, not on sidewalks, and on wood footpaths. In the summer together play, float in open reservoirs, rise all family on skis, the fads in the winter. Go for a drive on санках from mountain simply more often. Find the general for all hobby. Make an active and cheerful way of life. Possibly for this purpose it is necessary to postpone any absolutely urgent and important house affairs. It is not necessary to worry about it. Health and pleasure which give productive leisure and sports, stand that.

As in our city there are enough athletic fields both in court yard, and at stadiums. And if very to want, it is possible to find both interesting employment, and the skilled trainer for all family. And it is possible and to talk, ask with skilled sportsmen them council. The main thing – to want!


To find the favourite kind of sports

Remember that very little who manages to find the kind of sports activity at once and for ever. Search. Do not surrender on this way, do not lower a hand. Do not go in cycles in results, study together with the child to take pleasure in a sound body, the joyful spirit, new opening. Eventually after all not a life for the sake of sports, and sports for the sake of a life!


Universal training apparatus of “brain gymnastics”


We can quickly explain how to dig, how to sew, how to go by a bicycle, but never we will explain how to think. To think is a skill which needs to be trained. Chess – a universal training apparatus for this purpose.

If you at least five times hear in the address of a phrase: «Yes you will think or not?», «When you to think will begin?» And so forth – come to chess club!

In any vital situation, whatever difficult it was, the habit to think, solve and take responsibility for the decision will rescue your child from many nonsenses.

To start to study to play chess late never and to anybody: small and adult, with any physical and intellectual data. For this purpose it is not required any monetary investments and special premises. Champions, masters all pupils will not be, and here to think will learn, and nonsenses in a life, possibly, will make less.

In club of intellectual games “Labyrinth”, for example, for the future chess geniuses (and not only) wait since five years. Employment are spent practically individually. Here too, that is important, it is possible to make a dynamic pause: to play in table tennis, a darts and even football!

Fizkulturno-sports club “Labyrinth”, Kornilova, 9.

Trainers: Galina Aleksandrovna Kuznetsova, Jury Mihajlovich Shevchenko.

The centre of out-of-school work.

Trainers: Michael Ivanovich Sheshukov, Alexander Nikolaevich Suhomlin.

For self-assured and purposeful

Cross country skiing

In sports section the program on cross-countries is calculated on children from 8 years though to rise on skis never late and not early. If you wish to grow up the skier-champion, here a little advice of the trainer: since 2-3 years give the child to swimming is will very well develop its lungs and a muscular skeleton. And here years in 5-6 well to work gymnastics – there will be excellent power qualities. Well and after conduct the favourite child in cross-countries to win medals!

Contra-indications for employment by running skis practically does not exist. Long ski campaigns not only strengthen heart, vessels and lungs, but also relaxing action on nervous system. Skiing is useful for a backbone – it well strengthens its muscular corset. At walking on skis all basic groups of muscles work. Unlike run, here there are no shock loadings on joints of feet.

Even people with traumas of feet can be engaged in skis. The wide range of loadings allows to dose out precisely physical activity, and it means, that skis – the best sports for people with excess weight and the weakened health.

In our city all sports sections on cross-countries work free of charge. Basically, each child provide with necessary ski stock. The care of correct clothes of the young sportsman lays down on shoulders of parents. It necessarily should be convenient, easy, quick-drying, from special materials. More in detail about that, in what to dress the skier, look our heading “Special clothes”.

Municipal educational institution Average educational school № 53, Children’s youthful sports school 4.

Trainers: Valentina Valentinovna Bakreneva, Nadezhda Vladimirovna Golubina, Andrey Vladimirovich Demchenko, Natalia Rafailovna Karamova, Natalia Aleksandrovna Kirillov, Andrey Viktorovich Sukonkin; Oksana Viktorovna Korovin.

Sports ball dances:
Choreography, sports and work – three in one

Sports ballroom dances

Some sceptically concern sports ball dances as to sports, but actually, on volume of loadings dances are comparable to any other kind of sports. At dancers enormous endurance, an enviable muscular corset, a strong backbone, are perfectly developed flexibility, coordination, balance. Besides, since the childhood boys dancing in steam and girls are able to be attentive to an opposite sex, to take responsibility for the partner, to respect to the friend to the friend, to understand, trust.

Contra-indications for employment by ball dances are not present for anybody – that is considered only, parents and the child are how much arrogant. Wish to become successful – one loadings, wish to dance in the pleasure – others. It is defined together with the trainer and a family, individually.

On drawing of traumas this kind of sports is comparable to any another where there are physical activities. On capital investments it also is not allocated among many popular kinds of sports. If parents correctly place priorities and put the finance in education and training of children – anything impossible is not present. Besides than children become more senior, the above at them results, the support dancers in studio in the financial plan more.

Recreation centre UEIP, trainers: Ivanov Evgenie Viktorovich, Desjatova Marina Vjacheslavovna (studio “Debut”). The centre of out-of-school development, trainers: Dolbilin Alexey Vladimirovich, Dolbilina Elena Nikolaevna (studio “Fiesta”).


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