Sports geography (photo of sportsmen)

Austria – superiority of the world among juniors.
Oktabrskij – the finale of Superiority of Russia among juniors
Ufa – a cup of Russia
Kyshtym – the championship of Russia
Tyumen – superiority of the Ural federal district – 3 stage sports contest
Novosibirsk – the finale sports contest of pupils


Championship of the Ural federal district – 3 stage of Games

Mikishev Dmitry 1 place sprint
Yefimov Evgenie 2 place the marked line
Vartanjan Gajk 1 place the marked line
Belyh Pavel 1 place

The finale of sports contest of schoolchild

Mikishev Dmitry 3 place relay race
Yefimov Evgenie 3 place

The finale of championship of Russia among juniors

Lebedev Ilja 5 place of the classic
Yefimov Evgenie 3 place of the classic
Sidorov Anna 2 place relay race
Chepchugova Alexander 2 place relay race

Cup of Russia

Lebedev Ilja 2 place mass start
Sidorov Anna 2 place sprint

The World championship among juniors

Lebedev Ilja 4 place relay race

The championship of Russia

Lebedev Ilja 12 place of the classic

Photos of sportsmen:


Pavel Lebedev



Ilja Lebedev



Pavel Belyh



Aleksandra Chepchugova


Gajk Vartanjan

Gajk Vartanjan



Anna Sidorova

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