Marat Muhamadullin and Dima Groshev – friends on sports hobby. Both are engaged in boxing from elementary grades, and already are candidates for the master of sports on boxing and leave school – 11 classes.

Marat and Dima – the best boxers in Novouralsk in the age and weight categories. Long time children competed with each other on a ring. To define, who is stronger, it has not turned out – forces are approximately equal. And today Dima and Marat act at boxing competitions in different weight categories and consequently everyone collects the «a crop of medals».

Children any more show the first year high results in competitions on boxing not only regional, but also All-Russia levels. This year both have begun a competitive season with a victory on Superiority of area among juniors of 1989-1990th of the river, passing in Volchanske. Marat acted in a weight category to 69 kg, and Dima – to 64 kg.

Get acquainted more close:

Dmitry Groshev, school 48, 11 class.


Dima the trainer – Nikolay Nikolaevich Portnov (on a photo above) is engaged in boxing of 6 years.

For the first time has won on Superiority of area in 2003. The prize-winner of Games of schoolboys of the Ural federal district in 2005. The prize-winner of Superiority of the Ural federal district among the senior young men in 2006. For today in plans of the sportsman – to get on Superiority of Russia and successfully there to act. Last year not all conceived has turned out, as the boxer, because of insufficient work from its party considers. This year Dima it is adjusted more seriously – every day, except Sunday, at it on two trainings: in the morning cross-country and in the evening two-hour employment in a hall. Plus to they be employment by swimming. The young boxer and preparation for final examinations at school besides, does not dismiss, and plans to arrive in high school.

Marat Muhamadullin, school 58, 11 class.

Boxing and training

In 2003 has won Superiority of Russia on the age, was the winner of Superiority of the Ural federal district among the senior young men, became the winner of superiority OGO VFSO “Dynamo” twice. Repeatedly was the participant of a youthful Russian national team on boxing.

Marat trains at Alexander Vasilevicha Zorin (on a photo above). 10 years are engaged in boxing. Has come to section together with many schoolmates in summary there was from them one. On a question on, whether happens terribly before fight, Marat answers, that terribly there is only that you will lose. And of a pain you do not think. In general that is terrible or sick, the boxer thinks only in the first years of the trainings by boxing, by experience Marata. Then starts to understand boxing. The young boxer is convinced: for the big victories the sportsman needs to train, try much and strongly to wish to win. Such desire at Marata is, it puts to itself high laths – this year in plans of the boxer to get on a podium of Superiority of Russia.

Children, let at you all will turn out!

And we – support you.

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