What is VMH?

Circus trick cyclist

In flight: Evgenie Filimonov.
Michael Kleshchevnikova’s photo.

VMH (bikemotocross) as the sports kind has appeared in 70th years of the XX-th century, when children (and also sportsmans cross-country motorcycle race) have seen a perspective shell in children’s bicycles. The basic advantages of bicycle VMH – small, restless, cheap, popular, not demanding special attention.

This kind of sports has received special popularity and the basic name in the USA in 80th years. Staginess has helped to gain to it general distribution. In Russia the strongest schools VMH – Omsk, Moscow, situated near Moscow, Udmurt (Sarapul), Mordovian (Saransk). In Omsk, for example, only in a city of 12 lines VMH. And in Moscow covered eurolines on which racers compete all-the-year-round are already constructed. For comparison: in all Sverdlovsk area while there is only one line – in Novouralsk.

Competitions on VMH share on three kinds: races for a time (on one for a while), race the classic (the eights on three arrivals, result on the typed points) and relay race (the eights, a command from 2 boys and 2 girls).


Oleg Aleksandrovich Mitjunin, the trainer of branch VMH at station of young technicians, the senior trainer modular VMH Sverdlovsk area.

– VMH as sports have appeared in Novouralsk in the nineties. Andrey Vladimirovich Shirokov was one of section founders. Then it with children has gone on children’s Olympic games to Moscow where our racers managed to get in prize-winners. Having arrived, have decided to construct line ВМХ in motor club territory.

– I have come to section eight years ago. In the first years were typed experience at colleagues from strong regions, went on seminars, something from the literature read, something from the Internet took. Today at me the sports program on trick cyclist on which I am engaged with children is developed.

The national team of the Ural federal district stably takes of the fourth-fifth position at the All-Russia competitions, competing with the strongest commands. Last year in a national team there were 7 persons from Sverdlovsk area, 4 – from Chelyabinsk. From seven sverdlovchan five novoural’cy: Andrey Vaganov, Andrey Matveev, Igor Shirokov, Michael Kljukin, Ljubov’ Kabakova.

– The jump on a bicycle is a flight on big enough distance, here it is necessary for bicycle racer to develop especial coordination, feeling of launch and a landing, ability to be grouped, fearlessness. For preparation for bicycle race it is necessary to spend special exercises – in the form of a jump, on knowledge of technics, tactics, on a combination.

– Today it is possible to say that on VMH have paid attention. If in the first years at us was a little unpretentious, in addition strongly shabby bicycles today we have 20 bicycles which part – expensive firm cars. We are completed as well with the special form, protection, helmets, even footwear this year have bought special for bicycle races. Now we among contenders are not allocated. Equipment, of course, not cheap, but on shoulders of parents material inputs do not lay down. In it a special merit of a management of station of young technicians and the Ministry of physical culture and sports of Sverdlovsk area. Besides, we plan building for territories of a city of one more special line VMH. Money for design jobs are allocated, we hope in some years to go for a drive on a modern bicycle line, to hold on it competitions, bicycle shows. VMH is very popular among youth and children mass sports. Our dream – to make its such in Novouralsk, to construct fragments of lines in court yard, to expand our section, to find trainers.

Bicyclist cyclist

Sasha Gricov, 9 years. In section the second year is engaged. At the All-Russia competitions «Olympic hope» (Saransk, 2006) has occupied 7 place:

«To go for a drive on a bicycle very much it is pleasant. I want will learn to carry out difficult tricks. The most important thing – to be dispersed…»

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