What is “biathlon”?

Biathlon is a cross-country with the weapon on the established distances and shooting on targets from a prone position and standing on firing lines. Feature of biathlon – in a combination in one competition various on physiological influence on an organism of kinds of sports.

Red army

The red army of all is stronger

In 20-30 years in parts of Red Army competitions on skis in which sportsmen passed a distance of 50 km with the full fighting calculation which was made by 8 kg of an ammunition, a holdall, an overcoat-skatka and two manual grenades were popular.

Then there were the races of patrols consisting of command race on 30 km with the weapon and shooting on finish. Such competitions were popular and abroad. They have been included in the program as indicative on the first winter Olympic games in Shamoni (France) in 1924. Staginess, dynamism and an emotionality of similar competitions promoted transformation of races of patrols to a new independent kind of sports – biathlon. In 1957 biathlon has been officially confirmed by the International union modern pentathlon.

The ski track, mountains, a skating rink, sledge – who is more

Everi Brendedzh, the president of the international Olympic committee in the early fifties, by consideration of a question on biathlon inclusion in the program of the winter Olympic Games as analogue winter pentathlon, insisted that such competitions should include cross-countries, mountain skiing, figure skating, скелетон and jumps on skis (now that’s something like it!). The original initiative has not passed that is high-grade prepare sportsmen on all above-stated disciplines only too limited quantity of the countries could.

The Latin name modern pentathlon «pentathlon» has prompted a principle of the name of a new kind of sports – run on skis with shooting on targets – “biathlon”.

The first championship of the USSR on biathlon

has passed on Uktussky mountains near Sverdlovsk (Ekaterinburg) in 1957.

The first World championship

Biathlonists have spent in 1958 in Austria. Biathlon birthday has been officially proclaimed on March, 2nd, 1958. Next year (2008) we will mark 50th years of biathlon!!

That it is more important: it is good to shoot or well to run?

Until recently was considered, that the strong skier who has come to biathlon, can struggle without ceremony for high places. Phenomenal speed Anfisy Rezcovoj allowed it to win in sprint at 5 misses, reeling up additional circles on 150 metres.

Is and today unique cases of exclusive sportsmen, but as a whole modern biathlon does not allow to neglect neither shooting, nor race. Shooting becomes one of its key elements, and not simply shooting, and shooting high-speed. At the same time all is accelerated also run.


Instead of illegally disqualified command of the Russian skiers on relay race start there was a national team on biathlon. Already after the first firing line our command has strongly won first place.

Last stage биатлонной relay races. Having shot, the first the Russian biathlonist, and behind it with a small separation the German and the Norwegian leaves on finish. Finish … Russian crosses a ribbon with a flag in hands, and contenders all is not visible. Reporters rush to it:

– How you managed so to come off? You, probably, were well prepared for race?

– You know, after shooting at me remains two additional cartridges …

– How you have appeared in the Russian national team on biathlon, Said?

– Shot …

To the Ukrainian command on biathlon have allowed to grease skis with fat. The instructor African commands on skis syn:

– It was difficult choose ski ointment?

– Ointment choose it is easy – it was heavy to smear a ski track!

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