Alexey Kovjazin: «Biathlon – business of all life»


The deserved master of sports.

The prize-winner of superiority of the USSR, the champion of the USSR, the numerous champion and the prize-winner of Russia, the winner and the prize-winner of stages of the Cup of Russia, the prize-winner of stages of the Cup of Europe, the champion of the World University game, the sixfold champion of Europe, the triple world champion, twice bronze and three times silver prize-winner of the World championships.

Champion on biathlon

Aleksej Kovjazin the world champion on biathlon


From what age you began to be engaged in biathlon?

Since 12 years.

Your first trainer?

V.A.Demidov and N.S.Sorokin.

Whether were engaged still in any kind of sports? What have achieved results?

Seriously enough anything, except biathlon, was not engaged. As well as many, took a great interest in track and field athletics, skis, gymnastics, swimming. Any serious results in these kinds of sports has not achieved.

How parents concerned your employment by biathlon?

Both concerned, and treat kindly, with understanding. Only mum worries about me, after all the big sports are at all that physical culture, it does not add health.

How you went to school? It was difficult to combine study and trainings?

Studied on «4» and «5». While trips on competitions and gathering was not, all was combined easily. Then has received the invitation to train more seriously, last class of school studied in the Sverdlovsk boarding school of a sports profile of School of an Olympic reserve.

What for you sports and biathlon, in particular mean?

Sports – gripping show, passion, the experience, a healthy way of life. Biathlon – favourite work, business of all life.

What character traits, in your opinion, help the sportsman to achieve good results?

Purposefulness, persistence, diligence, discipline, decency.

What stir?

Laziness and “star fever”.

How consider, what has allowed you to achieve such high results?

I will better tell, that has not allowed to achieve higher results (through a prism of last time): rash up to the end transition to other trainer in the beginning of sports career. Besides, happened, that incorrectly placed priorities. All it has affected subsequently sports destiny.

If you were not the biathlonist whom would become?

One of 17 thousand.


The higher. A Sverdlovsk college of mines (nowadays Mountain university).

The marital status, children?

It is married, daughters Anna of 5 years.

Whether you will insist, that children have gone on your stops?

No, everyone should choose employment to liking. And love cannot be ordered.

What would you advise to the beginning sportsmen, dreaming to become champions?

Champions are not born, them become. Put before itself the purpose, work more, not regretting itself and not paying attention to the others and to temptations of a usual life. Be able to refuse in something to itself for the sake of purpose achievement. Observe a sports mode.

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